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Price lists for doctors and clinics performing Cryosurgery on one page. The final price { is based on cost, anesthesia, and hospitalization of the specialist. When selecting a specialist, you can not choose on based on the prices! For doctors who offers Cryosurgery, you can find Estheticon list by city, relevance and quality of reviews Cryosurgery.

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  Centrum Estetyki Ciała


Prices from $48 usually to $120   Contact us


  • Please keep in mind the final costs of the treatment can differ from the above listed prices. For more information about the prices please contact the particular doctor / clinic.
  • For more info about the procedure Cryosurgery, go to the Cryosurgery homepage.
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Procedure Average
Cryosurgery $84
Cryosurgery $84
Age Spots Treatment $333
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