Macrolane - Prices

You are viewing a price list for surgeons and clinics performing the procedure: Macrolane.

105 surgeons and 25 clinics perform this procedure. 16 surgeons and 6 clinics have listed prices for Macrolane. These prices are shown in the table below.

This table shows prices provided by surgeons and clinics ranging from the lowest to highest costs. For more information, click on a particular surgeon or clinic.

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State Surgeon / Clinic Price from Price to
KLINIKA BIEŃKOWSCY ESTETICMED.PL Prices from $2,448 USD usually to $3,012 USD
ARS ESTETICA – Klinika Medycyny Estetycznej i Laseroterapii Prices from $784 USD usually to $2,206 USD Marcin Bieńkowski Prices from $2,448 USD usually to $3,012 USD
NZOZ KRIOCENTRUM Prices from $147 USD usually to $147 USD
Clinique des Champs Elysées Prices from $2,143 USD
Dr. med. Klaus Luttenberger Prices from $643 USD usually to $6,429 USD
Dr Ilona Wnuk-Bieńkowska KLINIKA BIEŃKOWSCY ESTETICMED.PL Prices from $2,448 USD usually to $3,012 USD
Dr Sylvain Drikes Prices from $2,143 USD
Centrum Medyczne Bieńkowski Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej Prices from $110 USD
Dr. Abraham A. Benzaquén Barchilón Prices from $395 USD
Dr Navid Alizadeh Prices from $799 USD
Dr Patrick Baraf Prices from $2,143 USD
Dr Laurent BENADIBA M.D Prices from $1,607 USD usually to $4,286 USD
Dr Franck Ouakil Prices from $2,143 USD usually to $4,286 USD
Dr Nicolas Zwillinger Prices from $2,679 USD
Dr. Daniela Bunila Prices from $589 USD
Dobos Calin - surgeon Prices from $429 USD Alexander Siegl Prices from $1,072 USD
Dr. med. Jan Pasel Prices from $1,072 USD usually to $5,358 USD
Dr. med. Christian Köhler MBA Prices from $5,394 USD
Dr. med. Isabel Gahlen Prices from $964 USD usually to $2,143 USD
DR Kamal Hussein Saleh M.D.F.A.C.S Prices from $1,000 USD usually to $10,000 USD


  • Please keep in mind the final costs of the treatment can differ from the above listed prices. For more information about the prices please contact the particular doctor / clinic.
  • For more info about the procedure Macrolane, go to the Macrolane homepage.
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State Average
$1,072 USD
$3,215 USD
$2,768 USD
$1,838 USD
$5,500 USD
$509 USD
$395 USD
$3,096 USD
    United Arab Emirates
$5,500 USD