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23 surgeons and 5 clinics perform this procedure. 9 surgeons and 0 clinics have listed prices for MiraDry. These prices are shown in the table below.

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Surgeon / Clinic

Price from

Price to

  Dr.med. Klaus Ueberreiter und Dr.med.Ursula Tanzella

Birkenwerder, Berlin

Prices from $2,287 Contact us
  Dr. med. Jürg Michael Häcki

Zug, Luzern

Prices from $1,768 usually to $2,223 Contact us
  Dr. med. Oliver Schumacher - KÖ Bogen

Düsseldorf, Hannover

Prices from $1,759 usually to $2,345 Contact us
  Dr. med. Katrin Müller


Prices from $2,287 Contact us
  Dr. Marc Nelissen


Prices from $1,759 Contact us
  Maya Aesthetic


Prices from $1,759 usually to $1,876 Contact us
  Dr.med. Ali Saalabian


Prices from $2,228 Contact us
  Dr. med. George Xydias

Düsseldorf, Berlin

Prices from $2,228 Contact us
  Dr. med. Jens Diedrichson FEBOPRAS


Prices from $2,228 Contact us


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Price comparison - MiraDry - versions and alternatives

Procedure Average
MiraDry $2,097
Treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) $1,090
Botox treatment of hyperhidrosis $749
Laser removing of hyperhidrosis - Smartlipo $1,587
MiraDry $2,097
Treatment of excessive sweating of the feet $813
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