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57 surgeons and 16 clinics perform this procedure. 4 surgeons and 1 clinics have listed prices for Toe narrowing. These prices are shown in the table below.

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Surgeon / Clinic Price from Price to
  Adrian K. Wiethoff Adrian K. Wiethoff Prices from $2,117 USD usually to $5,293 USD Contact us
  Adem Erdogan M.D. Adem Erdogan M.D. Prices from $2,647 USD usually to $4,235 USD Contact us
  ARS PEDIS ARS PEDIS Prices from $2,117 USD Contact us
  Dr. Alfonso Quetglas Marimón Dr. Alfonso Quetglas Marimón Prices from $529 USD usually to $2,117 USD
  Dr. Jorge Valdés Hernández Dr. Jorge Valdés Hernández Prices from $106 USD usually to $529 USD


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State Average
$3,529 USD
$820 USD

Price comparison - Toe narrowing - versions and alternatives

Procedure Average
Toe narrowing $2,287 USD
Aesthetic foot and ankle surgery $3,719 USD
Bunion surgery (hallux valgus) $2,062 USD
Foot – Hammer toe $1,317 USD
Mallet toe $1,444 USD
Osteoarthritis $2,427 USD
Syndactyly surgery (Syndactylia) $2,003 USD
Toe lengthening surgery $3,927 USD
Toe narrowing $2,287 USD
Toe shortening surgery (foot shortening) $1,879 USD
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