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158 surgeons and 31 clinics perform this procedure. 18 surgeons and 2 clinics have listed prices for Tummy Tuck Revision. These prices are shown in the table below.

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State Surgeon / Clinic Note Price from Price to
Dr. med. Frank-Michael Hasse Prices from $3,750 USD
Dr. med. Kamil Akhundov univ. Prices from $6,038 USD
MUDr. Pavel Kurial Prices from $1,308 USD usually to $1,427 USD
Dr. Alexander T. Hamers Prices from $4,822 USD usually to $8,573 USD
Dr Tautvydas Urbonas The price includes surgery,... Prices from $1,286 USD usually to $2,143 USD
Dr. Ercan Demiray Prices from $2,143 USD
Kreisklinik Groß-Umstadt Prices from $3,000 USD
Dr. Daniela Bunila Prices from $2,143 USD usually to $3,215 USD
Dobos Calin - surgeon Prices from $1,607 USD usually to $2,679 USD
Dr.med. Ali Saalabian Prices from $8,573 USD
Dr. med. Christian Döbler Prices from $1,072 USD
Dr. med. Fabio Sorrentino Prices from $12,859 USD
Privatdozent Dr. med. Andreas E. Steiert Prices from $7,501 USD usually to $10,180 USD
Dr. med. Jan Pasel Prices from $3,750 USD usually to $6,429 USD
Dr. med. Jürgen Hermann Reus Prices from $3,750 USD usually to $8,037 USD
Dr. Vikram Kumar Raja Prices from $660 USD usually to $880 USD
Prof.Dr. Ashraf Abolfotooh Khalil Prices from $800 USD usually to $1,800 USD
Dr Sreelatha Murugappan Prices from $733 USD usually to $807 USD
Ms. Brandusa Gritu Prices from $4,822 USD usually to $8,037 USD
Dr. Otto Kelemen Ph.D. min. 2 nights hospitalisation Prices from $3,215 USD


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State Average
$8,573 USD
    Czech Republic
$1,368 USD
$1,300 USD
$6,169 USD
$3,215 USD
$770 USD
$1,715 USD
$6,429 USD
$2,411 USD
$6,697 USD
$12,859 USD
$2,143 USD

Price comparison - Tummy Tuck Revision - versions and alternatives

Procedure Average
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks) $4,559 USD
Tummy Tuck Revision $3,729 USD
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