Antiaging medicine contains full range of branches that combine each other. It is a research in the field of genetics, chemistry, also clinic branches such as endocrinology, intern medicine or dermatology and also specialized surgical branches such as plastic surgery and transplantation of organs. It concerns mainly with examination of aging process of organism and its delaying.

Updated: 2008-10-23

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Tips for effective skin cleansing

Notino, s.r.o.

Do you suffer from blackheads, acne or persistent oiliness? The key to perfect-looking skin is thorough and regular cleaning....

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kwak 2016-05-18
It's worth it

Perfect skill and manners. highly professional and modest. Trustworthy for sure. I have seen many friends who had plastic surgery but never have they been successful as I have. After treatment also satisfying. kind and c... More 

Registered user 2018-05-24
It's worth it

Izuzetan stručnjak pre svega.Za svaku preporuku,divna i pažljiva.Rezultati su fantastični a niko ne primecuje da sam bilo šta radila. Google translate: Exceptional expert above all. For every recommendation, wonderful a... More 

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Mediestetik, skupina klinik
Prague, Teplice
Prices from $1,600
Mediestetik, skupina klinik
Prices from $200
usually to $300
Dr Romain Viard
Prices from $400
Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis
Prices from $200
Dr. med. Daniel Sattler
Prices from $650
usually to $3,150
Dr. Theodor Motruc
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