Antiaging medicine contains full range of branches that combine each other. It is a research in the field of genetics, chemistry, also clinic branches such as endocrinology, intern medicine or dermatology and also specialized surgical branches such as plastic surgery and transplantation of organs. It concerns mainly with examination of aging process of organism and its delaying.

Updated: 2008-10-23

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Prices from $233
Dr. med. Daniel Sattler
Prices from $465
Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis
Dr. med. Timo Spanholtz
Bergisch Gladbach, Köln
Prices from $174
Dr. med. Timo Spanholtz
Prices from $233
Dr. med. Christian Metz
Prices from $1,000
usually to $3,002
Dr. Ignacio Tapia Vargas
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