Surgical procedure, which will help you to get rid of droopy skin that forms mainly after the loss of extra kilograms either in form of diet or exercise or after bariatric procedure. Depending on the area, where it is necessary to tighten the skin we divide body lifting in upper – arms and breasts, middle – abdomen and lower – hips, buttock and thighs. It is naturally possible to perform total body lifting in all mentioned areas during one surgery.

Published: 2009-01-09

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It's worth it

My partner and I had lots of plastic surgery there .we both were very satisfied with the results I has been 12 years since I've been there and I'm going back to him next year for a facelift He also has his own recovery r... More 

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Body lifting - Prices

Prices from $5,500
usually to $8,000
Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis
Prices from $9,700 Klaus Ueberreiter und Tanzella
Dr. med. Timo Spanholtz
Bergisch Gladbach, Köln
Prices from $6,500
usually to $11,000
Dr. med. Timo Spanholtz
Prices from $9,500
usually to $17,500
Dr. med. Markus Klöppel
Dr. med. Nikolaus Linde
Zurich, St. Gallen
Prices from $5,000
usually to $15,000
Dr. med. Nikolaus Linde

Body lifting

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