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Breast augmentation is a surgery performed under general anesthesia that takes around 1-2 hours. Breasts are usually enlarged with silicone implants that are inserted under the mammary gland or under the muscle. Choice of implants and their placement depends on your requests and consultation with a surgeon. The hospitalization after the surgery takes 1-2 days, recovery process 7-14 days.

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement, involves the surgical placement of an implant behind each breast to increase its volume and enhance the breast's shape. Breast augmentation is requested by women who perceive their breasts to be too small or sagging.

Price of breast implants

The price of breast implants ranges from about 700 € to 2000 € depending on the type of implant and the producer. For round shapes, the price ranges from 700 € to 1000 € and from 1500 € - 2500 € for anatomic shapes. Prices are independent of size.

Breast augmentation abroad

When choosing a surgical procedure your doctor will help you to choose one of the following options.

Breast augmentation implants

The placement of the incision:

  • below the breast in the infra-mammary fold

  • through the areola

  • in the armpit

  • in the area of navel 

The choice depends on the desire and preference of the patient and on the usual practice of the clinic.

The placement of the implant:

  • under the mammary gland

  • under the muscle

  • partially under the muscle

Both methods (under the muscle and under the mammary gland) have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on the quality and size of the gland, the quality of the skin and the subcutis, as well as the strength and quality of the muscle. The implant coverage has to be sufficient. If it is not sufficient, the implant can be visible and won't look aesthetically pleasing. The pre-surgery consultation is intended to harmonize the patient’s ideas with real possibilities in regards to their body proportion, and with the advice of the surgeon.

For more information about breast enlargement abroad or breast augmentation in Prague please take a look at the linked pages.

Are you a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Breast enlargement by means of implants is a very effective procedure. It is suitable for women with insufficiently developed breasts or when the mammary gland system is shrinking, as may be the case following breast feeding or a significant weight loss.

Implant under the muscle

The optimal age limit for surgery varies. It is generally done after the development of the mammary glands is complete, which is usually after the age of 16.

It is certainly better to insert the implants into breasts that won’t change by potential breast feeding. Although it doesn’t eliminate the possibility to undergo breast augmentation before pregnancy; you have to take into account that lactation and pregnancy will change the size and quality of the mammary gland and therefore the surgery will probably need to be redone. It is better to undergo breast augmentation at least one year after the delivery and breast feeding.

Breast implants have no influence on the fetus and they do not expose it to any danger. The presence of implants does not hinder the ability to breast-feed. Studies done worldwide have not found an increased content of silicone in breast milk.

Some women request the implants to be placed as close to each other as possible to create a sexy line between the breasts. Unfortunately this effect is caused by the body's constitutionand by the distance between the mammary glands therefore it is not possible to create it on demand.

If you are physically healthy and realistic in your expectations, you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation.

Before breast enlargement

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will explain the surgery in detail. He will explain which surgical technique is most appropriate for you based on the condition of your breasts and skin tension. He/she will also show you before and after pictures and different types of implants.

If your breasts are sagging, the surgeon may also additionally recommend a breast lift. The surgeon will also inform you which implants he or she will use and which size is appropriate for you to achieve the best result.

Because it is a surgery performed under general anesthesia a pre-surgical examination including a laboratory examination and EKG by a general doctor or internal specialist is necessary. The exam should also include a detailed health history i.e. family diseases, diseases that you have had, allergies etc. At some clinics it is possible to have these examinations done in the morning the same day of the surgery.

Before the surgery it is also necessary to eliminate the possibility of breast illness by ultrasound (sonogram) or mammogram examination depending on the patient’s age. They are performed by special oncological and gynecological clinics. This is mostly done if you are a high risk patient due to a family history of breast cancer.

Implant under the mammary gland

Your surgeon will give you instructions to prepare for surgery. You should avoid drinking and eating 6 hours before the planned surgery. Any medication containing acetylsalicylic acid (such as Aspirin, Acylpyrin, Alnagon, Mironal etc.) can increase bleeding during and after surgery They therefore shouldn’t be taken for about a week before the planned surgery. It is not good to undergo the surgery during menstruation, although it is not a reason to postpone the surgery. It is appropriate to consult your gynecologist concerning quitting birth control. Today’s opinion is to keep taking birth control pills and preventively taking medication against blood coagulation – low molecular heparin (e.g. Fraxiparin, Clexan, Fragmin.)

It is assumed that no acute illness (viral illness, cold, etc.) will have occurred in the period at least three weeks before the planned operation. Report any illness to your doctor.

If you smoke, plan to quit at least one or two weeks before your surgery and do not resume for at least two weeks after your surgery.

The day of the surgery you should come with your armpits shaved, if the surgical method has been agreed upon. Bring any medication that you take with you for 2-3 days, hygienic items, shoes, pyjamas, ID papers, and an elastic bra without wire support that's the same size as the chosen implants. Some clinics have them for sale. Clothes that need to be put on over the head are not suitable for the hospital stay. Putting on such clothes after the procedure might be very painful.

While making preparations, be sure to arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery and to help you out for a day or two if needed.

The costs of the surgery are usually paid for on the day of arrival, before the procedure. An advance deposit is paid at the booking date. Everything depends on the rules of each particular clinic. Since it is an elective surgery, it's not covered by insurance companies. It is also necessary to take some days off of work because it is not possible to receive a sickness leave.

How long will the effects of breast augmentation last?

The final breast augmentation is permanent, if there is no change in weight and proportion of breasts (see the above mentioned pregnancy.) Regarding the change of quality of the implant after 10 to 15 years or the increased possibility of an implant rupture (burst), it is necessary to consider the possibility of implant replacement. Breast augmentation is a personal, serious decision, and a permanent one. If you have planned carefully, worked with your doctor and followed his instructions, then your surgery should be a successful one!

The future of implants

At Illinois University in Chicago stem cells isolated from bone marrow were stimulated to grow along the supportive skeleton, which is made out of biologically tolerant material. Due to this form the cells have reproduced into previously selected shapes. Such cultivated forms from fat tissue has already been tested on mice. It is assumed that these implants grown from stem cells will be a safe alternative to silicone implants.


This text has been created with the kind assistance of Janka Tocikova, M.D.

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