Breast augmentation recovery

Post breast augmentation

You are likely to feel pain for a few days following your breast augmentation surgery. The pain is more intense when the implant is placed under the muscle. You will take painkillers for two to five days following the surgery; the pain will slowly recede.

You will probably be released from the clinic after one or two days. Before you leave, the bandages may be changed and the drains removed. That will depend on the clinic and your surgeon. The sutures are usually removed during the check-up in seven to ten days.

It is recommended to wear an elastic bra. You will usually get it at the clinic where the breast augmentation is performed. The length of time to wear it is decided by the surgeon. It is usually 4 - 8 weeks after the surgery and following that, during sport activities. The surgeon may sometimes recommend a medical belt. It is usually used if the implant was inserted through the armpit, and so it squeezes the formed canal. It can also be used if placement of the implant was under the muscle, so that it pushes it downwards, and generally in other situations when the bra is insufficient. The need and length of time to wear it is again set by the surgeon.

Scar placement

Breast augmentation recovery

The recommendations of breast massages after the surgery vary, depending on the clinic and the type of implant. Some surgeons don’t recommend them at all. On the contrary long lasting pressure massages of the scars are recommended. It is recommended to wash the breasts only after the wound is healed.

Stay relaxed and quiet during the first week following surgery. Have someone help you with the house and kids for the first few days.

You can resume routine activities and lighter house work in 10-14 days. It also depends on the feeling of pain. Avoid lifting your arms over a horizontal line for 6 weeks.

Heavier work, lifting heavy loads, exercising, weightlifting and other sport activities are recommended gradually after two months following the surgery and while wearing the elastic bra. Intimate intercourse should be done very carefully within the first month after the surgery.

It is possible to visit a solarium or sun tan 14 days after the breast augmentation surgery, it is better though not to rush these activities too much. The scars must be covered with plaster or treated with a high SPF sunscreen for a minimum half a year following the procedure.

You should be able to return to work within 10-14 days, depending on the level of activity required for your job.

The result of the breast augmentation is considered permanent after three months.

If the breast skin is dry after the surgery, you can apply hydrating creme several times a day. Be careful not to tighten the skin while doing any specific movements and avoid contact with the stitched area.

You should see your surgeon immediately if your breast shape changes, the consistency changes (your breast becomes hard) or any inflammation appears. A visit to your surgeon is also recommended after any severe trauma to your breasts (car accident, fall etc.) Regular check-ups are done after one month, after three months and after one year. A check-up after 10 years also includes an ultrasound examination. The check-up system depends on each clinic. Some clinics have no check-ups at all.

Always be sure to follow your doctor´s instructions.

The implant covers approximately 20% of the mammary gland tissue during a mammogram. That’s why it is a good idea to consider another examination technique such as a sonogram (ultrasound) or magnetic resonance.

Patients that have undergone breast augmentation with implant placement must not undergo diathermy (medical organ heating through high frequency electric current.) The implant could become extremely hot and could cause inner burns and eventually the rupture of the implant.

Updated: 2014-10-30

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