Breast enlargement with B-Lite lightweight breast implants (LWBI)

B-Lite lightweight breast implants (LWBI) mean a revolution in plastic surgery. Thanks to the unique and proprietary B-Lite gel fill technology they are the lightest breast implants on the market. Their weight is by up to 30% lower compared to standard silicone-filled breast implants, achieving the same volume enhancement with less weight. The major effect of the reduced weight is a higher gravitation resistance of the implants.

Updated: 2017-07-11

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Breast enlargement with B-Lite lightweight breast implants (LWBI) - Prices

Prices from $96,000
Perfect Clinic - centrum estetické medicíny
Prices from $96,000
MUDr. Roman Kufa - Perfect Clinic
Prices from $6,500
usually to $8,000
Dr. med. Erhan Demir FEBOPRAS, BA
Prices from $7,500
usually to $9,500
Prof. Dr. med. Kovacs Laszlo F.A.C.S.
Prague, Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary), Budweis (České Budějovice), Mariánské Lázně
Prices from $88,740


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