During brow lift it is possible to elevate the eyebrow, change its shape and solve also its asymmetry. The procedure is performed under local or also general anesthesia. There occur swellings and blood bruises that fade away in 4 days. The effect of the surgery is usually long lasting.

What is a brow lift?

Brow lift is a surgical procedure, which aim is to elevate the eyebrows with the option of correction of possible asymmetry. Even more desired is nowadays a change of the shape of eyebrow line. Brow lift is not just a procedure indicated because of cosmetic reasons, but is also used for the reconstruction of the facial symmetry caused by some diseases, e.g. facial paralysis. At the same time with drooping eyebrows there are performed also surgical procedures that solve even wrinkles of forehead or root of the nose. Such type of surgery is then often called front-lift or forehead lift.

Are you a suitable candidate for brow lift?

If your face starts to show the effects of aging, when the eyebrows are drooping and the face can appear frown, this type of treatment might be the one you are looking for. 

Before the surgery 


Sketch of the estimated skin removal

The actual surgical procedure precedes always detailed consultation, during which it is necessary to consider, which type of surgery is the best for the solution of the present situation. It is necessary to state, how big the brow lift will be the best and to what extent will its shape be changed. It is possible that the surgeon will recommend you to combine brow lift with another surgery, for example with forehead lift or upper eyelid surgery. The surgeon will consider your general state of health and he/she will provide you with advantages and disadvantages of the chosen procedure and will inform you about possible risks and complications.


According to the character and extent of the surgery, brow lift is performed either under local anaesthesia, analgosedation or general anaesthesia. The choice of anaesthesia should guarantee a painless surgery and enough of comfort for the patient and also for the surgeon. In case of analgosedation and general anaesthesia it is necessary to undertake a pre-surgical examination, not to eat several hours before the surgery; and you may spend even short time in the hospital.

Types of surgeries

At present a whole range of surgical approaches is used to lift the eyebrows, which can differ significantly according to extent and localization of post-operative scars; the amount of possible complications; the necessity to use foreign materials; technical intensity and the time for which the effect of the surgery is visible. Among surgeries in which the eyebrow is elevated belongs also simple excision of the skin above the eyebrows, so that after the incision is closed with stitches, the eyebrows are lifted upwards. It is also possible to apply clip surgeries with the use of absorbable and non-absorbable materials that use the approaches from the part of the head within the hair. Here belongs also the clip brow lift surgery performed at the same time with upper eyelid surgery. Last but not least it is necessary to mention procedures, in which it is manipulated with the skin of the whole forehead with the possibility to solve also its wrinkles. In such surgeries one ore more incisions of different size are made hidden in the hair and soft tissues are then corrected through the incisions. One of the most modern but also most intensive techniques is the method using endoscope that allows the surgeon to see the procedure and to control it with precise treatment of touched structures and with minimum number of scars.

After the surgery


Resulting scar

In all types of surgeries there is not much pain after the operation and it is possible to moderate it with common analgesics. Some bruises or swelling might appear in the place of surgical procedure that transfers afterwards because of the gravitation on the eyelids or cheeks. In most cases complete absorption is in two weeks.

How long does the result of brow lift last?

The effects of surgeries are usually very satisfactory and long-lasting. It is necessary to consider that even the best performed brow lift does not stop time.

Updated: 2009-04-20

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