Congenital hand defects

Congenital genetic defects are one of the reasons why to look for the help of a surgeon. Arms of a fetus develop in the fourth to seventh week. Some congenital genetic defects are hereditary and we can find them more or less in the entire family line (e.g. syndactyly – fused fingers, polydactyly – supernumerary fingers).

Published: 2008-10-08

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Congenital hand defects - Prices

Prices from $2,912
usually to $9,099
Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis
Prices from $607
Dr. med. Daniel Sattler
Prices from $2,426
Prof. Dr. med. Kovacs Laszlo F.A.C.S.
Prices from $109
usually to $340
Dr. Theodor Motruc
Caraps MEDLine
Prices from $1,213
usually to $12,132
Caraps MEDLine

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