Endotine - Implants (an alternative to brow lift, forehead lift and neck lift)

Endoscopic insertion of super soft absorbable implants underneath the skin enables its lifting and stimulates formation of fibrous apparatus. It keeps the skin lifted even after the dissolution of the implant. Finally you will get rid of the sagging skin on the eyebrows, forehead or cheek bones.

Updated: 2008-03-23

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Forehead lift (Brow lift) - News

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si m 2019-05-19
It's worth it

My review: Underwent coronal open brow lift under Dr Khoo Lee Seng. Thrilled with results. Scar hidden within hairline and is barely visible. Brows assume a natural position. This is better than the traditional method of... More 

Registered user 2014-06-30
It's worth it

Service and care befor ,during and after surgery is excelent and very detailed.. Dr . Azu > very developed and skilled surgeon., I am very pleased with the results. Patient consulent and coordinator M.Serbetci > EXCEL... More 

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