Eyelid surgery recovery, blepharoplasty recovery

The blepharoplasty recovery

Blepharoplasty usually takes about one hour. The incision of the upper lids is made in a place to allow the scar to be hidden in the eye´s natural folds. The incision of the lower lid is made approximately 2mm under the eyelashes along the edge of the eye. On the base of prior measurements and layout, excess skin and fat bags are removed during the treatment. Then the cut is closed with precise stitches. After the eyelid surgery, the eyes may be covered with pads and slight elastic compression. According to your needs, the eyelid surgery is done on the upper and lower lids simultaneously or separately and can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries of the face.

After eyelid surgery - recovery

Before you go home, you will receive detailed instructions about necessary care and also receive some painkillers. It is recommended to keep your head higher than the body while sleeping. For at least a week, you should avoid physical activities which raise your blood pressure as this is undesirable following eyelid surgery. The first few days after the surgery, the lids will be swollen and small bruises may occur, especially in the area of lower lids. There are many agents that help to moderate bruises and swellings and they therefore accelerate the recovery process after eyelid surgery. Wobenzym is recommended that moderates swellings. The best is to take Wobenzym second or third day after the blepharoplasty and three times a day. It is only an additional treatment; the state improves even without it. A similar effect has also ointment Auriderm, which is applied on the eyelids two times a day. It is good to start to apply it already 10 days before the eyelid surgery. There are many of such agents; it is good to talk about their usage with the surgeon. Eyes may be more sensitive to light, and it is usually recommended that patients wear sunglasses. Most people are able to read and perform their normal activities within a few days.

The stitches will be removed at the latest ten days after eyelid surgery, depending on the how the lids were sutured. Most swelling disappears during the first couple of days after surgery, if you carefully apply the compresses. Most clients return to work seven or ten days following eyelid surgery.

Updated: 2009-03-30

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