Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Facial reconstructive surgery is performed to correct abnormalities, trauma, and/or disfigurements which pertain to the face and facial features.

Published: 2013-06-28

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Chris_Raluca 2016-08-01
It's worth it

Out daughter underwent cranial vault reconstruction for metopic craniosynostosis when she was 10 months old. Dr. Peters did an excellent, excellent job--he is truly an artist. Our daughter looks perfect now and recovered... More 

Facial Reconstructive Surgery - Prices

Prices from $1,500
Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis
Prices from $5,000
usually to $15,000
Prim. dr. sc. Davor Džepina
Prices from $250
usually to $9,000
Dr Christophe Zirak
Prices from $2,000
Dr. med. Daniel Sattler
Prices from $500
usually to $2,500
Dr. Lucian Popa MD PhD

Facial Reconstructive Surgery

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