Feather face-lift APTOS

Are you watching the natural effects of the ageing process on your face? We all can relate to lower skin elasticity which forms wrinkles, as well as sagging face and neck tissue. If you are experiencing such problems, you may want to consider a gentle technique to lift your skin and smooth out the wrinkles: Aptos or a feather face-lift

What is Aptos?

This is a very gentle treatment to enhance facial appearance without the use of a scalpel. Under local anesthesia, your feather face lift surgeon will use special surgical threads to shape facial and nasal contours. Aptos can help with drooping mouth corners, drooping eyebrows and in some cases be used to treat sagging breasts and the behind. One or more areas can be treated in a session.

Techniques of a feather face lift

Each treated area requires a different approach. Aptos therefore uses several techniques:

  • application of threads with cogs

  • application of springs

  • technique of stitching

  • technique of undercut

Application of threads with cogs

A thread is inserted in the subcutis with a 1.2mm needle. This is to fix the subcutis into the required position. The thread will subsequently be overgrown by connective tissue, helping to stabilize the new look. This procedure helps to suspend sagging face skin in the areas above the eyes and chin. Threads are made of a non-allergenic, fully bio compatible material which has been used in plastic surgery for many years.

Application of springs

The application of springs is similar to the application of threads. They are mainly used to smooth out the wrinkles leading vertically down from the corners of the lips.

Technique of stitching

This technique is mainly used to tighten loose skin under the chin, to form the chin and to accentuate the contours of the cheek bones. It uses a semicircular needle with a smooth thread. Stitches are either linear or circular, according to the required type and place of treatment.

Technique of undercut

A smooth thread is inserted into the subcutis back and forth to form a loop. The subcutis of the wrinkle to be removed is undercut with a gentle pull. A firm flat layer of tissue forms on the place of undercut. This tissue prevents development of another wrinkle.

Are you a good candidate for a feather face lift?


Unlike the usual (surgical) face lift, Aptos is a technique suitable for a wide range of age groups. It can be used for younger clients (from their thirties) to shape weakly pronounced facial contours. If you suffer from sagging skin in the brow area, distinctive nosolabial lines, loose cheeks with wrinkles or a drooping chin, are looking for a very gentle treatment and your expectations are realistic, you may be a good candidate for a feather face lift. 

Before having a feather facelift

During the first consultation, you and the physician will discuss your views and expectations. A check of your skin condition and elasticity follows.

Your physician will explain in detail the process of the Aptos operation and probably ask you about previous face operations or injuries, your general state of health and whether you take certain medications.


This treatment is very gentle and usually only requires a local anesthesia, which guarantees you a painless session. Local anesthesia can be combined with sedatives.

The doctor may choose a light total anesthesia in some cases. It means you will sleep throughout the whole operation. You will be probably be told not to eat, drink and smoke for six hours before the operation and may have to stay overnight in the hospital.

The feather face lift procedure

Special threads or springs from a non-allergenetic material are used during the feather face lift. After the application of the anesthetic onto the treated area, the thread or spring is connected to a 1.2 mm thick needle and inserted into the subcutis. They are fixed there and therefore stabilize the skin in the new position. Collagen wraps around the threads, fitting the subcutis and causing a further lifting effect.

After the feather facelift treatment

The treated area will be a little swollen after the session and small bruises may appear.

Healing time is much shorter than in the case of a traditional face lift, usually it only takes one week.

It is recommended to avoid strenuous movements for two weeks after the treatment, especially in the treated area.

What results can you expect from a feather face lift?

The results of a feather face lift can be seen immediately, but you'll see an additional improevment in a few months. This is due to collagen coalescence which stabilizes the subcutis in the required shape.

The results of a feather face lift last several years. The length also depends on the condition of the client´s skin and subcutis and their age. This treatment can be repeated several times according to the client´s wishes.

This text has been created with the kind assistance of Petr Hajduk, M.D.

Updated: 2019-07-01

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