An abnormal sized labia (lips of the vagina) can cause discomfort during hygiene, sport activities and sexual intercourse. Labioplasty, often spelled labiaplasty, allows for the reduction of internal or external labia, which are often augmented and asymetrical. Surgery of the external labia, which may be losing size or elasticity, can also be done.

Labiaplasty recovery

Patients usually go home the next day following their labioplasty. It is good to stay relaxed for about one week, avoid sitting for long periods of time, including long car drives, and to perform hygiene several times a day. We recommend showering and washing with an intimate hygiene soap or with a good and gentle antiseptic soap after each toilet use and to cover the area with a pad. Some patients heal better if the wound is left totally uncovered. The operated area can often swell, but usually the swelling disappears after several days. It is best to be regularly checked by your surgeon. The healing process takes a minimum of 10 but usually 14 days, sometimes even more. Smaller swelling can stay for a longer time and the operated area settles into its final shape approximately six weeks later. After this period, the patient can resume her sexual life again.

Published: 2009-03-30

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Labiaplasty (Labia Reduction) - News

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