Laser hair transplant


Graft in form of a mini-transplant

It is possible to use a laser to make the incisions for inserting the hair grafts. A laser is used to create these incisions (in this case small openings) in the area to be transplanted. However only the most efficient laser device can produce rays with high energy and a very short time of impact, made up from the different pulses. This is necessary to evaporate the tissue at the impact point of the laser, but leave other tissue unaffected by the temperature. There are important advantages to laser hair loss treatment compared to the traditional hair replacement, for example, the incisions do not bleed, which makes the hair transplant go faster and much smoother. On the other hand, inter-stitial fluid infiltrates into the incisions, “glues” the inserted graft into the incision and therefore fixes it firmly into this gap. The size of the gap corresponds to the size (diameter and depth) of the graft, therefore the surrounding tissue can not oppress the graft. These grafts are not pushed out from the incisions when new grafts are being inserted. In addition to this, because the grafts are not pressed, hair which is contained in them does not spread out during the healing process. Therefore the hair cover looks much more natural.

There is another advantage. The laser device is controlled by a computer and can make more regular gaps with a higher density of precise depth, diameter and angle which is natural for subsequent growth of transplanted hair. The device's equipment enables the surgeon to define the size (diameter) of the gap to correspond precisely with the size of inserted grafts. And one equally important advantage – the duration of the hair restoration with laser is reduced by up to two thirds compared to the common method.

In most cases, if the client is healthy, a special examination before hair replacement surgery is not needed. The hair transplant is done either sitting or lying down; whichever is more comfortable for the client during the treatment which does last several hours.

Updated: 2009-03-30

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