After the hair transplant

After the hair replacement operation, a sterile elastic bandage is put on. This not only protects the stitched incision at the original place of the hair graft in the nape area and inserted grafts, but also prevents large swelling at the place of the transplant. The bandage is removed usually the second or third day after the hair transplant and then the patient can wash his/her hair. Small crusts will appear at the place of the hair grafts, they will fall off naturally after 14 days. The patient should relax at home for about five days following a hair transplant. The sutures in the nape area are removed approximately two weeks after the hair replacement.

Hair transplant recovery

When the crusts fall off, the small grafts will have a slightly pink colour, similar to other scars. This colour however will return to a normal skin tone after a few weeks. A large part of the hair from the inserted grafts may fall out after the treatment, but the hair roots subsequently regenerate and the hair will start to grow. That is why you won't see final results for about five to six months, after true hair growth has begun. Because it is necessary to leave some space between the gaps for hair grafts (approximately 2 – 3 mm), many patients decide to have their new hair cover densified. Densification is not always necessary and depends on the patient.

Updated: 2009-03-30

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