Hair loss treatment for women

Some doctors estimate one in every five women experience some type of hair loss, usually caused by ageing, illness or hormonal changes. Women´s hair usually will thin slightly all over the head and does not disappear completely in one place as is common in men. Because this thinning is distributed all over the head, transplantation is very difficult however, medication can be useful. The efficiency of these medications is different for each client, but basically, they prevent further hair loss but don't help new hair to grow.

If you are considering a hair transplant, it is necessary to realize that it is impossible to achieve the same hair density as before the loss. Hair replacement can however cover thin places and fill empty ones.

Updated: 2009-03-30

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Dr. Emrah Cinik

Hair replacement is a very common treatment these days. Helping people to regain their self-confidence by a simple yet...

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