Foot – Hammer toe

Hammer toe stands for acquired pathological deformity of smaller toes in which the middle joint is pushed upwards. This causes problems when wearing shoes because the joint constantly rubs against the material of the shoe. Painful calluses and corns often form at the top of the hammer toe.

At early stage of the hammer toe deformity, the solution can be gel patches for blisters, for example. However, if the problem develops into advanced stage, only surgery can bring relief to the patient.

In the mild stages, surgery of tendons is sufficient, however, in more advanced stages, the middle joint must be removed and immobilized in order to prevent further deformation. For this purpose, tiny wires are used, which are painlessly pull out after three to four weeks, or small implants that straighten the bones from the inside and are permanent.

Patient can walk and step on the foot immediately after surgery, however, depending on the operating method, it is necessary to wear special shoes for two to four weeks in order to relieve the operated area.

Updated: 2011-08-16

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