Hands are most helpful instruments for us. During the first year of our life we learn how to work with them and use their handiness. For many of us it is hard to imagine loss or damage of arms and legs function. Surgeons get in contact with birth defects, injuries and degenerative disorders that less or more limit the function of hand. They try as much as they can to help the patients.

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Updated: 2013-07-08

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It's worth it

He is a profissional surgeon of reconstruction surgery

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Hand surgery - Prices

Prices from $500
usually to $6,500
Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis
Prices from $1,500
Dr. med. Daniel Sattler
Prices from $175
usually to $325
Dr. Theodor Motruc
Prices from $150
usually to $890
doc. MUDr. Martin Boháč PhD., MPH, MHA, FEBOPRAS
dr Janusz Jaworowski
Warszawa, Białystok
Prices from $2,000
dr Janusz Jaworowski

Hand surgery

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