Hemorrhoids Treatment (anal piles)

Hemorrhoids are swollen and enlarged varicosities in the rectum, they can be external (visible from outside) or internal. Their most frequent symptoms are itching, bleeding, discomfort and pain during emptying, prolapse or painful acute thrombosis by external hemorrhoids. Main role during creation plays bad lifestyle with low portion of fiber, lack of movement, increased inner abdominal pressure, partly also genetic factors. Beside pharmacological treatment there are also many treatments for their removal.

Updated: 2018-04-19

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Hemorrhoids Treatment (anal piles) - Prices

Prices from $450
usually to $3,000
Centrum Estetyki Ciała
Prices from $600
usually to $2,900
Prices from $1,800
Derindere Hospital
dr Antoni Leja
Prices from $200
usually to $1,000
dr Antoni Leja
Grožio chirurgija
Kaunas, Vilnius
Prices from $550
Grožio chirurgija

Hemorrhoids Treatment

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