Acne is a facial condition that often leads to negative self-esteem and could be a social hinderance. One way of reducing, or perhaps getting rid of, acne is through laser treatment. Here we present details about the procedure and information so you can decide if laser acne treament abroad may be right for you.

What is acne?

Acne is caused by over-working sebaceous oil glands and abnormal keratinization around hair follicles. When these two things happen, a corneous plug in the opening of follicles is formed. This limits the excretion of the excess produced oil. The oil accumulates and causes the enlargement of follicles. The oil pressure then causes an inflammatory reaction in the area surrounding the sebaceous gland. At the same time, biochemical changes occur in the accumulated oil and a reproduction of bacteria that are normally present only in small amounts in the skin. This leads to an inflammatory reaction in the  follicle area and the sebaceous glands and finally to acne.

Acne treatment is a difficult and complex process. Acne is caused by many factors including a hormonal imbalance, extra-sensitive skin during hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, etc.) or a genetic disposition to overworked sebaceous glands. Acne can also occur because of psychological issues, lifestyle, personal hygiene, living and working environments, the usage of some medication or cosmetics and nutritional habits.

Acne treatment often involves many procedures and types of treatment. Depending on each person's condition, treatments can include antibiotics, hormonal birth control in women, a chemical peel, cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen, surgical treatment of large inflammatory areas, etc.

Why laser acne treatment Prague?

Prague has many attractive features for those considering laser acne treatment abroad. Its location in Central Europe is easy to access; its mild climate is conducive to healing and its experienced clinics and laser treatment surgeons ensure you'll receive the best possible care. Laser acne treatment Prague costs are often much more affordable than in the UK or with the NHS. For more information about getting to and around the Czech Republic, please visit our handy cosmetic surgery Prague info guide.  

What does laser acne treatment consist of?

For acne treatment the Smoothbeam laser is most often used. This type of laser can, in one session, treat the latest symptoms of acne, prevent sebaceous oil glands from further inflammation and also treat old acne scars. The laser may eliminate the overworked sebaceous oil glands to a depth of 5 mm under the skin's top layer. After the treatment, it is necessary to protect the skin from the sun by using protective sunscreens with high UV filters (50+.) Because of this, winter is the best time for undergoing this procedure.

Laser gel mask

A laser gel mask, with the activation of laser biostimulation, is an alternative to the traditional laser treatment. The mask contains hydrogencarbonate anions and together with the influence of laser biostimulation, it calms the skin and heals inflammatory spots.

Are you a good candidate for laser acne treatment?

If you suffer from large acne symptoms or have acne scars and are considering their removal, your expectations should be realistic. Remember that acne is caused by many factors and it is essential to solve this problem from many different angles. Laser acne treatment may substantially improve the state of your skin but it does not necessarily remove all undesirable symptoms. For before and after photos of laser acne treatment Prague, click here.

Before the operation

During the consultation, discuss your expectations with the surgeon. He/she will check the state of your skin and the severity of the affected area. He/she will then recommend which procedure would be best for you. He/she may plan a combination of several procedures in order to obtain the best possible results.

The process of laser acne treatment

The entire procedure lasts, depending on the size/severity of the treated area, approximately 30 minutes. In the case of lighter forms of acne, it is sufficient to repeat the laser treatment in one month intervals. For very serious or acute cases, the treatment is usually performed sometimes as often as once every two weeks. For treatment of lighter forms of acne, three sessions are sufficient; in more serious cases there are usually four to five sessions.


Because the treatment is not painful, only local anesthesia is used. Desensitizing cream is applied on the areas to be treated (face, neck, shoulders) about one hour before the surgery. Stronger pain may be felt during the treatment of active acne focus points.

After the surgery

The treated areas will be visibly inflamed immediately after the procedure; however the inflammation disappears in several hours. After the treatment, it is necessary to protect the skin from the sun with protective sunscreens with high UV filters (50+.) In more penetrative treatments the inflammation might be visible for several days and in exceptional cases, there may be small superficial blisters on more sensitive areas. In some individuals, brown crusts or marks may occur, but they are usually healed in two weeks. It is essential to avoid sun exposure for three months following the treatment .

What are the results of laser acne treatment?

It is usually necessary to repeat the sessions three times to obtain the best results. It all depends on the state of skin and the extent of the affected area. It is also possible to combine laser acne treatment with other treatments, usually chemical peeling. Don’t forget, it is necessary to monitor the problem in a variety of ways to achieve the best results in treating acne. Always follow all the surgeon’s recommendations regarding your lifestyle and nutritional habits.

Updated: 2007-11-27

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