Laser procedures in aesthetic dermatology

Lasers are currently used in corrective and cosmetic dermatology for the treatment of vascular lesions, laser hair removal, laser liposuction and laser acne treatment. Biostimulation and fractional CO2 lasers have even wider uses. The removal of birthmarks with a cosmetic laser also has big advantages.

Laser treatment is always carried out by a dermatologist. The procedure does not usually require any preparation and takes several minutes or longer depending on the problem. It is performed without anaesthesia or with just a local anaesthetic cream or injection.

Cosmetic laser treatment usually causes redness, but this will gradually disappear. Ablative lasers can cause superficial wounds and scabbing and sometimes the treated area will weep. It is always necessary to protect the treated area from the sun for several weeks after laser treatment using sunscreen with a high SPF. For best results, laser therapy may sometimes need to be repeated several times.

Updated: 2011-02-25

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Megan 2016-12-27
It's worth it

Great results, little recovery, ideal doctor to work with. Helped me and was responsive by email during recovery.

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