Mini Lift - Lifestyle Lift

A mini facelift is a non-drastic skin tightening approach that combats signs of aging in the jaw line, neck, and cheeks. While this procedure does not last as long as a traditional facelift, the required incisions are smaller, and the procedure is cheaper. The optimal patient for this procedure would be experiencing only minor signs of aging. People experiencing major facial and jowl sagging would likely benefit the most from a full lift. Other names for the mini face lift are Lifestyle Lift, Weekend Facelift, and Quick Lift.

Updated: 2013-07-30

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Rebecca 2012-12-04
It's worth it

Mini Lift at Dr. Toncic’s Clinic, Zagreb, Croatia (October 2012) I found this Clinic to be the height of professionalism from beginning to end, from the moment I was met at the airport to the moment I was dropped back at... More 

Mini Lift - Lifestyle Lift - Prices

Dr. med. Nikolaus Linde
Zurich, St. Gallen
Prices from $5,500
usually to $10,000
Dr. med. Nikolaus Linde
MUDr. Patrik Paulis
Prague, Bratislava
Prices from $2,000
usually to $5,000
MUDr. Patrik Paulis
Prices from $23,000
MUDr. Petr Mertan
Prices from $32,500
MUDr. Věra Šatánková
Prices from $2,500
Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis

Mini Lift - Lifestyle Lift

91% worth it. Based on 44 patient ratings.

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