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Esthetic medicine offers wide selection of treatments for those who are considering lip augmentation. You can choose out of lifting and modelling procedures based on own fat or hyaluronic acid. Recently lip lift is gaining an increasing popularity mainly because of its natural effect and natural lip enhancement.

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Lip lift is a minor, non-invasive surgical procedure recommended to those who wish to properly contour their lips, achieve a younger look and at the same time not “inflate” lips with fillers. It is unique because of its ability to improve and enhance the shape of the mouth and the fact that the procedure is performed "once for life". Contrary to the fillers, lip lift does not need to be repeated. Lip lift brings very good results especially for people with elongated face, narrow upper lip as well as for those patients whose upper lip covers the upper teeth.

Lip lift is all about raising and reducing the distance between the nose base and upper lip, thus making lips bigger. The procedure takes approx. 40 minutes and is performed under local anesthetic. The scar, hidden in the natural skin fold under the nose, is barely visible.

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Depending on patient needs lip modeling can be done based on one of the following methods:

  • Bullhorn lip lift – the most popular technique among celebrities regardless of their age. With the surgical cut in the shape of buffalo horns (hence the name of the technique), performed at the base of the nose, the method effectively reduces the distance between the upper lip and the nose, and results in larger and remodeled lips.
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In justified cases the following techniques can also be applied:

  • Corium – enlarging lips by implanting a previously removed skin fragment or scar tissue from patient into the deeper lip structures.
  • Gullwing lip lift – based on removing a strip of skin from the just above the lip. After stitching, the lip is wider and more prominent. Recommended for patients with very narrow lips.
  • Corner lip lift – lifting corners of mouth, making face more cheerful. The skin is removed only from the outer corners of the lips.

Lip lift effects

  • Bigger lips
  • More volume added to the lips
  • Modelling lips contour
  • Rejuvenating face
  • Restoring proper facial proportions
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Is lip lift invasive?

Less than blepharoplasty, typically considered to be a really minor plastic surgery procedure. Although bulhorn liplift is usually performed in the operating room, it is only under local anesthetic. Before the surgeon takes its scalpel, he will draw precise lines of cut on your skin. Also, he will give you a mirror to agree the desired lip contour. The procedure itself takes approx. 40 minutes and ends with dressing put under the nose. Shortly after the surgery patients leave the clinic. Convalescence takes approx. a week. At that time swelling and bruising usually subside. Approx. 10 days after surgery, at the post-op visit, stitches are removed. The scar that remains after the treatment is hidden in the skin fold under the nose and it is easy to hide by makeup. Lookout of the scar can be improved with lasers or peelings.

Qualification for lip lift involves blood tests

- morphology, coagulation, antigens. There are the following contraindication to surgery: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, unregulated high blood pressure, abnormal hypertension, blood coagulation problems, pregnancy. What else is important before surgery? It is recommended to deal with all teeth infections to minimize the risk of transmission of bacteria to the lip area. Before the procedure it is necessary to see your surgeon. During the visit the doctor will observe the way you say and smile. For example if the patient smile reveals not only upper teeth but also gums, it makes no sense to further raise upper lip. Also, as lip lift exposes your teeth, it is good to take care or their lookout prior to the surgery.

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Bullhorn lip lift now enjoys a similar popularity as lip fillers. What speaks in his favor?

First of all natural effect. The enlarged lips are all the time "my own" but just bigger and more prominent. Unlike fillers, after the procedure, there is no bulge on the lip edge. Another issue is the durability of the effect. Lip lift performed by a skilled plastic surgeon gives long lasting effect. Will lip lift replace fillers? Probably not. There is still a major group of patients for which the fillers are the most interesting option. But surely there is an alternative for them.

Published: 2016-11-24

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