Almost everyone's skin is marred with marks, moles or other skin protrusions. Some of these may need to be removed for medical reasons and others because of cosmetic reasons. If you are dissatisfied with your moles or any other skin protrusions, we recommend contacing a dermatologist who will analyze and remove them.

Why mole removal Prague?

Prague has many attractive features for those considering mole removal abroad. Its location in Central Europe is easy to access; its mild climate is conducive to healing and its experienced clinics and mole removal surgeons ensure you'll receive the best possible care. Mole removal Prague costs are often much more affordable than in the UK or with the NHS. Many people have had their moles succesfully removed; see our before and after photos of mole removal Prague. For more information about getting to and around the Czech Republic, please visit our handy cosmetic surgery Prague info guide.  

Updated: 2007-11-28

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Alom Bakhtiar Kamal - KAMAL SKIN CENTER 2016-10-04
It's worth it     

From Nine month Ago l saw this skin tumor . But I have no idea About it. What shoot I do

Mole removal - Prices

Dr. med. Timo Spanholtz
Bergisch Gladbach, Köln
Prices from $116
usually to $465
Dr. med. Timo Spanholtz
Prices from $116
usually to $1,164
Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis
Prices from $114
Klinika GHC Praha
Prices from $291
Dr. med. Christian Metz
Prices from $175
Dr. med. Daniel Sattler

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