Author: Dr Maurice Dray

Mesolift formula is an advanced treatment targets and rejuvenates the skin cells via a multitude of micro-injections all administered with revitalising active ingredients. To treat dull tired skin and give it back its youthful glow it is suggested that a course of treatments are subscribed by the patient.


Mesolift is ideally carried out as an initial series of 2-4 treatments over a period of 2-3 weeks apart. The results of this treatment intensify as the body redevelops collagen and elastin over time. By injecting Hyaluronic Acid and other beneficial nutrients into the skins dermis there will be a vast enhancement in the skins tone, hydration and firmness. Overall, the skin shall glow and show off a clear and attractive complexion. The ingredients in Dr Dray's Mesolift consists of all the vitamins required to give the skin an internal biologyical balance of the skin.

Published: 2015-07-21

Dr Maurice Dray

Mesolift - Prices

Dr Jeremy Joiris
Prices from $145
usually to $290
Dr Jeremy Joiris
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