Mesotherapy (face, neck revitalization)

Mesotherapy can rejuvenate face and neck skin for a fresher, more youthful look. It enhances blood and lymph circulation which substantially improves the regenerative capacity of the skin. For those considering cosmetic surgery, mesotherapy may be a low-cost, pain-free option!

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is an all-natural treatment that supports the formation of collagen and new cells, stretches the skin and smoothes superficial wrinkles. Mesotherapy is also used to treat cellulite. Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that involves micro-injections of healing solutions into the middle layer of skin (so-called mesoderm) to the depth of approximately 4 mm. The healing solutions mostly contain high concentrations of vitamins, amino acids and coenzymes. These substances significantly enhance skin regeneration. If the skin is too dry or if fine wrinkles are to be smoothed, the solution is combined with hyaluronic acid, which forms one of the fundamental elements of the skin's structure. Its application intensively hydrates and subsequently stretches and consolidates the skin's profile. Even medium-deep wrinkles of the neck, lower neck or arms can be smoothed. The surgeon performs the procedure manually or uses a special applicator. He/she determines the specific procedure and the exact composition of the healing solution according to the skin's age and state.

Why mesotherapy Prague?

Prague has many attractive features for those considering mesotherapy abroad. Its location in Central Europe is easy to access; its mild climate is conducive to healing and its experienced clinics and mesotherapy surgeons ensure you'll receive the best possible care. Mesotherapy Prague costs are often much more affordable than in the UK or with the NHS. For more information about getting to and around the Czech Republic, please visit our handy cosmetic surgery Prague info guide.  

Are you a good candidate for mesotherapy?

If you are looking for a non-surgical affordable method of rejuvenating your facial and neck skin, you should consider mesotherapy. Nevertheless, your expectations should be realistic. Mesotherapy will not prevent your skin from ageing but it can temporarily stretch the skin and smooth small to medium wrinkles, which results in a fresher look. Discuss your expectations and ideas with your surgeon. He/she will check the state and age of your skin and decide which healing solution should be used. The composition of the healing solution is highly individual. Mesotherapy may be combined with other procedures.


Fro the most part, desensitization is not necessary; mesotherapy is practically a painless treatment. Extremely sensitive patients may request a desensitizing ointment.


Mesotherapy treatment

Mesotherapy takes, based on the size of the treated area, anywhere from several minutes to several hours. Before the actual application of the healing solution, the surgeon will clean the area of skin to be treated and disinfect it. After that he/she applies the healing solution to the targeted spots with thin needles. Usually many needles are used because they become dull and then the pain of the procedure would increase.

After mesotherapy

It is vital to avoid sun exposure immediately after the surgery and for two subsequent days; sunscreens (SPF 50+) must be used. The recovery process depends on the extent of the procedure and the state of your skin. No other limitations are in place. You will be able to return to your everyday activities or job two hours after the procedure.

How long do the effects of mesotherapy last?

Since the effect of healing solutions is immediate, the results are visible after the first session. Nevertheless, the effect of mesotherapy is temporary and the treatment must be repeated. Usually, it is recommended to have the first two applications in a one month timeframe and the third application after three months. To keep your new mesotherapy look, it is recommended to repeat the treatment once a year. Click here to see before and after photos of mesotherapy Prague.

Updated: 2007-11-27

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