Orthodontics is a specialty that is concerned with dental displacement using dental braces. Removable appliances or fixed braces are used to move the teeth. They may be used in children as well as in adults. If you don’t like irregular teeth, no matter if it is for aesthetic or functional reasons, it is just the solution for you. Although the braces must be worn for a long time and oral hygiene is slightly more difficult, the result pays off. You can smile widely again.

Published: 2017-03-14

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Orthodontics - Prices

Prices from $1
Jinemed Health Group
Maya Aesthetic
Prices from $1,750
usually to $1,750
Maya Aesthetic
Prices from $500
usually to $5,000
Dr. Pervin Bilginer PhD.
Prices from $680
usually to $2,000
Dental Care Dubrovnik Dr. Miroslav Korda
Prices from $2,500
usually to $3,500
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