Needle-free wrinkle smoothing

The OXYJet technique is a non-invasive oxygen treatment which uses an oxygen pressure probe to deliver the active ingredient deep into the layers of the skin, resulting in significantly younger-looking skin. The OXYJet facial is suitable for allergy sufferers and takes about 90 minutes. Results are visible immediately and are long lasting.

It is an alternative method of skin rejuvenation suitable even for very young people between 20 to 30 years of age.

An OXYJet facial provides:

  • Reduction in deep wrinkles and furrows

  • Restriction of expression lines

  • Skin regeneration

  • Release of stiff facial muscles

  • Improved acne and pigmentation marks

  • Younger-looking décolleté and chest

Before treatment with OXYJet, the area to be treated must be thoroughly cleaned. An OXYJet facial is needle-free, painless and does not require anaesthetic. Unlike Botox it is non-aggressive and does not alter facial expressions. It is possible to resume normal activities immediately after treatment.
For a flawless and long-lasting effect, it is necessary to repeat the course three times over a period of two to three weeks.

Updated: 2011-02-08

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