Are you interested in the penis enhancement? Then you'll be curious about the different methods. Very popular is for example the autologous fat transplant (using the patient's own fat). What areas can be used to obtain the fat and what does the surgery actually look like? Learn more in our article.

I usually prefer autologous fat transplant which means using the fat obtained from the patient himself/herself. The areas I mostly use to obtain fat (as donor) are suprapubic (bottom part of the penis), abdomen and medial thigh area.
Afterwards, obtained adipose tissue is purified by centrifuging (3000 rpm for 3 minutes in Coleman, 2007). Using slower centrifuge speed and decreased amount of time are important to keep the fat (therefore, I usually prefer 1000 rpm and 2 minutes).

Following this step, the purified adipose tissue is transplanted. It’s spread homogenously under the skin of the penis. After the operation, fat migration and asymmetry that might occur due to erection are prevented through the use of an elastic penis bandage of sufficient length. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) prepared by taking around 20 cc of blood can also be used for penis widening.

Fat loss rate in six months is between 30-40%. Penis circumference doesn’t change after six months. Taking the fat loss into account, I conduct more adipose tissue injection during widening operations.

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Updated: 2018-01-24

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they take really good care of you pick you up from the airport and drop you back. they always respond when you message them and are really polite, the doctor knows what his doing and they do an excelent job.

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