Want to look your best, naturally? Don't have enough time in the mornings, or are bothered by make-up? Maybe you should consider permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a method by which natural colours are injected into the skin. This accentuates the face, and can even give the illusion of reshaping a particular facial part. With permanent makeup, it's possible to shape the size of eyebrows and to accentuate the eyes or lips.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a surface skin micro pigmentation whose effects are limited to about 1 to 3 years. The effect doesn’t last a lifetime, like, for example tattoos. It's therefore a flexible treatment that can react to changes in your face and makeup trends so you can be sure you will always look  your best.

Permanent makeup is divided into:

  • COSMETIC – applied on eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids, lip contour with colouring, beauty spots

  • MEDICAL – applied on scars after surgeries and injuries, burns, vitiligo, alopecia, shot earrings

Why permanent makeup Prague?

Prague has many attractive features for those considering permanent makeup abroad. Its location in Central Europe is easy to access; its mild climate is conducive to healing and its experienced clinics and permanent makeup surgeons ensure you'll receive the best possible care. Permanent makeup Prague costs are often much more affordable than in the UK or with the NHS. For more information about getting to and around the Czech Republic, please visit our handy cosmetic surgery Prague info guide.    

The permanent makeup procedure

The application of permanent makeup is a two-phase process. Only after 3 weeks is it possible to fully distinguish the shade and intensity of colour. Three to five weeks after the initial procedure, you'll have a second visit called a complement. This is when tiny errors are fixed.

Who is a suitable candidate for permanent makeup?

The ideal age for micro pigmentation/permanent makeup is 17 – 90 years old. Permanent makeup is suitable for anyone who wants to have a base for her everyday makeup. As a basis for makeup, not a replacement of day or night makeup, permanent makeup will not limit the use of your favourite makeup. So you can still use your favourite lipstick for contouring and colouring the lips, but at the same time while playing sport or other activities you know your lips will always look fresh and neat.

Permanent makeup is not suitable for people who take medicine to reduce bleeding (Heparin, Varfarin), tranquillizers, antibiotics or people with diabetes.

How long does permanent makeup last?

The results are individual. It depends on the amount of fat and thickness of the skin, exposure to the sun and hormone levels. On average, you can expect your permanent makeup to last 1 to 3 years; although some clients don't come for a touch-up for 5 to 6 years. See people who have had this procedure in our before and after permanent makeup photos Prague.

Why choose permanent makeup?

  • Comfort – look your best 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • In case of allergies to makeup, or if you have sensitive skin

  • Good choice for people who wear glasses or contact lenses

  • You have trouble applying makeup, perhaps because of arthritis, or other muscle diseases

  • You don't want to fix your makeup several times a day

  • Permanent makeup enables you to look good while doing sport activities, being outdoors or swimming

  • Thanks to permanent makeup you will have a natural, expressive and nice look

  • Touching up the loss of hair as a consequence of alopecia, chemotherapy, injury, burn or a surgical procedure

  • Disguising scars after plastic surgeries, injuries, ablations, clefts

  • Camouflage of spots caused by vitiligo

This text has been created with the kind assistance of Vladimira S. Castkova.

Updated: 2007-11-28

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