Photorejuvenation (IPL) – Skin Rejuvenation

With the help of intense pulsed light it is possible to rejuvenate the skin on the face, neck and entire body. It is an effective, painless method, which doesn't require any special restrictions. A smooth complexion can be achieved with between 3 to 8 sessions at monthly intervals. With proper care results can last up to two years.

Contraindications include acute skin disease, diabetes, acute heart disease, epilepsy and cancer.


Procedure and results with intense pulsed light treatments

The skin must not be tanned and it is necessary to avoid sunbeds and tanning lotions 4 weeks in advance. IPL treatment incurs minimal pain, but anaesthetic cream is applied to sensitive areas such as the neck or face. The procedure takes 20 to 45 minutes and leaves the skin red and swollen - cold compresses are appropriate. The reaction disappears within 2 days. It is necessary to protect yourself from the sun for 6 weeks.

Published: 2011-03-16

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Photorejuvenation (IPL) – Skin Rejuvenation - Prices

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Laserová dermatologická klinika ALTOS
Prague, Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary), Budweis (České Budějovice), Mariánské Lázně
Prices from $225
prim. MUDr. Dušan Záruba
Prague, Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary)
Prices from $338
usually to $506
prim. MUDr. Dušan Záruba
Dr. med. Darinka Keil - Beauty clinic
Bad Dürkheim, Haßloch
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Dr. med. Darinka Keil - Beauty clinic
Prices from $169
Dr. med. Annett Kleinschmidt
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