Secondary rhinoplasty - revision

It is a reoperation. The tissue is changed from one or several rhinoplasties and therefore its reoperation brings significant risks. One of them is insufficient blood supply of the tissue. As a rule for plastic surgeons serves not to perform the surgery sooner than one year after the last procedure. We try to have the secondary surgery as least reductive as possible because tissues heal longer. Most often we encouter with so-called parrot nose, piggy nose, nose in a shape of ski ramp, nose with invereted nasal wing, nose with sagging tip.

Parrot nose

It forms as a consequence to reproduction of ligament in healing nose.

Solution: Removal of ligament

Piggy nose

It is formed by excessive removal of septum or wing cartilages.

Solution: Usage of graft.

Nose in a shape of ski ramp

It is caused by removal of larger part of nasal bone.

Solution: If the profile and shape of face allow it, we lower the tip. If the deformity is too large we use graft.

Inverted nasal wing

It is caused by narrowing of the outer part of wing cartilage.

Solution: We cannot avoid transplantation mostly from ear or septum.

Sagging tip

It is caused similar like parrot nose. Sometimes it can be caused by uncareful intervention into structures of the tip.

Solution: It is more complicated than by piggy nose.

Updated: 2009-03-30

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