SlimLipo Laser Liposuction

SlimLipo combines liposuction with laser treatment to tighten the skin and remove fatty tissue. The SlimLipo™ Body Sculpting Laser uses 924 nm and 975 nm wavelengths to selectively target adipose and dermal tissue to perform laser-assisted lipolysis. The SlimLipo system is FDA cleared for laser-assisted lipolysis. SlimLipo laser assisted lipolysis allows you to achieve body contouring with fewer contour deformities, smaller incisions, less bruising and less blood loss. Traditional liposuction can be associated with prolonged downtime and side effects for clients depending on the size of the area treated and cannula used, but with the SlimLipo system, downtime is significantly reduced.

Palomar SlimLipo 3D” is currently the most innovative and effective method of laser-assisted adipose tissue removal with parallel thermolifting preventing the “sagging skin” effect and body contour irregularities following the treatment.

Why should you take advantage of Palomar SlimLipo 3D method?

EFFECTIVENESS: due to wavelenghts of 924 nm the laser effectively and selectively targets adipose tissue melting it;

PAIN-FREE: during the short (about one hour) treatment you will lose weight quickly and painlessly (the treatment is performed under local anesthesia);

TIGHT SKIN:: following the treatment the skin is tightened and there is no „sagging skin” effect – thanks to advanced laser-assisted lipolysis;

PERFECT FIGURE:: following the treatment the skin is smoother and body contours are no longer deformed;

QUICK HEALING: with the advanced technology there are no ailments such as bruises or swelling.

Visible effects following the Palomar SlimLipo 3D treatment:

  • Slim figure;

  • Smooth and tight skin;

  • No body contour deformations;

  • Perfect well-being.

Why is the Palomar SlimLipo 3D method unique?

The Palomar SlimLipo 3D is unique since it utilizes laser wavelengths of 924 nm and 975 nm, which assures optimal adipose tissue removal and increased skin tightness. Application of such wavelengths is currently patented and verified by scientific research. They are utilized not only in the Palomar SlimLipo 3D method.

What is the procedure of the Palomar SlimLipo 3D treatment?

The Palomar SlimLipo 3D treatment lasts at most about one hour.

  1. At the beginning the patient is being prepared for the treatment by being applied local anesthesia.

  2. The physician makes two small incisions at the bottom of the stomach.

  3. The physician injects a unique laser tip through the incisions targeting the laser beam precisely at adipose tissue.

  4. The laser beam of 924 nm uniformly heating the fat and then melting it assures perfect evasion of adjacent tissue.

  5. The melted fat is being sucked out gently.

  6. At the same time a laser beam of 975 nm is applied targeting directly the skin tissue making it stronger and restoring collagen fiber.

  7. Thermolifting prevents the “sagging skin” effect, making it tight instead.

  8. Having completed the treatment the patient may return home immediately.

  9. It is necessary to wear compression underwear for two weeks following the treatment.

The Palomar SlimLipo 3D method does not injure blood plasma nor does it trigger any serious mechanical damages.

Why are the laser wavelengths used in the Palomar SlimLipo 3D treatment unique?

Adipose tissue reduction with parallel skin thermolifting is possible thanks to the use of laser waves of two wavelengths:

- due to the wavelength of 924 nm produced by a special probe , the fat is melted and then the discharged lipids are being removed by suction;

- the wavelengths of 975 nm effect the skin tissue making collagen fiber among others contract and restore, which makes the skin tightened after the treatment.

How is the “Palomar SlimLipo 3D” method different from other laser body sculpting techniques?

Over the last several years laser wavelengths of 1064 nm, 1320 nm and 1440 nm were applied. They overheated the water in the cells thus melting only a minor amount of adipose tissue. Whereas using wavelengths of 924 nm and 975 nm enables us not only to melt fat effectively and efficiently but also to tighten the skin tissue. The Palomar SlimLipo 3D laser is currently the only device applying the optimum wavelengths based on and proven by several-year research and patents.

What areas can be treated with the “Palomar SlimLipo 3D” technique?

Since the “Palomar SlimLipo 3D” technique is gentle and as little invasive as possible, it can be used on different body parts:

  • abdomen area;

  • thighs;

  • neck;

  • chin;

  • chest;

  • buttocks;

  • any other body part with excessive fat tissue.

Who created “Palomar SlimLipo 3D”?

The Palomar SlimLipo 3D method was developed by Palomar, a company which for several dozen years deals with researching and developing state-of-the-art laser technologies utilized not only in plastic surgery, but also in the treatment of various diseases, including dermatologic ailments. The Palomar SlimLipo 3D method is the result of 10 years of research conduced by Palomar experts on the effects that laser has on fat. This research demonstrated that the optimum laser wavelength targeted at fat directly and making it possible to melt fat effectively is 924 nm, instead of – as it has been thought so far - 1064 nm or 1320 nm.

Contraindications for Palomar SlimLipo 3D treatment

  • diabetes,

  • hypertension,

  • problems with blood clotting,

  • heart diseases,

  • renal failure,

  • hepatic failure,

  • inflammatory conditions.

Published: 2013-11-29

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