There are several methods of stretch mark removal and one of them is AWT (Acoustic Wave Therapy). It works by means of acoustic waves and is also used to effectively strengthen connective tissue and remove cellulite. The procedure is painless, takes 30 minutes and needs to be repeated several times.

Acoustic shock waves vibrate the hardened inferior stretch mark tissue and promote collagen production. Contraindications are acute inflammatory disease or cancer, implants in the application site and even, to some extent, pregnancy.

Procedure and results of stretch mark removal

Stretch mark removal is carried out with a special probe, which passes over the affected areas, usually the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, back and chest. It is possible to resume normal activities immediately after stretch mark removal. Initial results are visible after 3-4 sessions and gradually improve over several weeks. 10 to 15 sessions are usually recommended and it can be repeated over time.


Published: 2011-03-16

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