Thread Neck lift

Author: Dr Maurice Dray

The Neck Lift will literally pull up and pull back sagging skin along the jaw line and neck area. It is an ideal one off treatment for anyone experiencing early signs of aging. Its advantages are that this procedure can be carried out without the use of traditional surgery.

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It is far safer also and there is minimal recovery time as the procedure is designed to be less invasive. Biodegradable Polylactic and Glycolic acid threads are used which will discreetly hold and re position skin's tissue. As a result collagen is stimulated to recreate itself thus tightening and lifting theentire area. Results are immediate instantly showing off a tauter and more youthful appearance. This straightforward procedure can be carried out within one hour and with the use of only a local anesthetic. Some slight bruising may occur with some patients in the first instance but with the use of Arnica tablets this will disappear quickly and is easily disguised with make up.. It is suggested that patients do not seek out strenuous physical activity for the first few days. There is absolutely no risk undergoing this treatment and there is no scarring or any evidence that the procedure was performed. After 6 months the threads will naturally dissolve but the lifting effect shall last up to 2 years.

Published: 2015-07-20

Dr Maurice Dray

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