Toes that are too long can be annoying both aesthetically and functionally - for example, when too tight in the shoe. Over time, the toe that is too long may develop into so-called hammer toe or mallet toe.

Most of the problems occur on the second toe, in rare cases even on small toes or the big toe.

Toe shortening can be performed by various surgical procedures which involve removing part of the toe bone and adequate tightening of the surrounding soft tissue and skin.

  1. Shortening of the first (proximal) phalanx using an implant while maintaining joint
  2. Toe reduction in case of stiffness of the toe end joint (by wire or implant)
  3. Shortening in case of stiffness of the toe middle joint (by wire or implant)

Toe shortening can be performed under general or local anaesthesia, on request also in a controlled sleep (i.e. sedation).

Patient can walk and step on the foot immediately after the surgery, however, depending on the operating method, it is necessary to wear special shoes for two to four weeks to relieve the operated area.

Published: 2011-08-16

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