Commonly used to combat visible signs of aging such as spider veins, sun spots, and wrinkles, the Yag laser penetrates the surface of the skin. The underlying tissue absorbs the laser's energy without the removal of the top layer of skin.

The YAG laser is a form of cosmetic laser therapy commonly employed in anti-aging skin treatments.

The YAG laser resurfaces your skin, thereby removing signs of wear and tear such as moderate facial wrinkles, surface scars, or splotchy skin discolorations.

Yag lasers like the GentleYAG brand laser may also be used to remove unwanted veins on the legs or even face.

YAG lasers have also demonstrated some effectiveness at destroying pigment in hair follicles, and so are often employed also in laser hair removal.

The YAG laser is considered "non-ablative", which means that it does not cut or remove the surface of your skin. The laser penetrates the top of your skin, and the skin tissue underneath absorbs its energy.

The Yag laser can also be pulsed like the CO2 laser used in carbon dioxide laser facial resurfacing.

When the laser is pulsing, "Q-switched" in technical terms, the laser blasts damaged or unwanted tissue away. The pulsing is intended to reduce the intensity of the heat on the skin, thus reducing the potential for damage.

Some Yag lasers employ a cooling spray during the times when the laser is heating the skin. One such laser is the CoolTouch 1320, which sprays the outer skin and sensitive nerve endings with a cooling liquid. This cooling action keeps the skin to within 111şF to 118şF.

Yag laser skin resurfacing can help treat small blemishes like wrinkling, skin discoloration, or uneven texture, but will not help with excess or sagging skin.

Published: 2013-01-18

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