Response Rate: statistics on how you respond to patient inquiries

Your “Response Rate” – whether you respond to patient inquiries and how quickly – is now displayed on your profile.

Our analysis has shown that about 40% of inquiries sent through our site do not receive a response from the doctor within a week. We want to improve our services to visitors and ultimately reward doctors who communicate with potential patients even if they cannot provide what the patients want.

How it works
We send an email asking for feedback from all potential patients who send you an inquiry through the form on your profile. They receive this email 7 days after sending their inquiry to you. They can click on one of five evaluation scores in the email to report that they received a response from you within 24 hours, 1-2 days, 3-4 days, 5-7 days or did not receive a response within 7 days.

We do not ask what response they received from you – only whether they received any response at all.

Your Response Rate will be displayed on the right side of your profile once at least three of your potential patients have clicked on one of the evaluation scores listed above.

Sample Response Rate on Dr. Záruba’s profile

If you have a poor response rate, you can expect to be contacted by fewer potential patients in the future.

Please react to all patient inquiries, even if just to say no.

Published: 2014-09-30

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