Rules for publishing articles, press releases, and videos

Rules for publishing on Estheticon.


Text and images should be structured in the following way:

  • Original content
  • Headline/article title
  • Lead paragraph/abstract
  • Body of the article
  • Author’s name
  • Introductory photo
  • Photographs within the text

Original content

We only accept original content written specifically for our website. Original content ranks higher in search engines and is of greater benefit to the author of the article. Duplicate content, on the other hand, can harm the author and the website in search rankings. If you are not certain about your text, we will be glad to help.

Headline/title of an article

Make sure that your headline is brief and eye-catching. It needs to capture the essence of your article. Whether it’s a PR article or a press release, remember that it shouldn’t look like advertising.

Example of a bad headline: This condition affects one in every two people! We offer a modern solution to this health and aesthetic issue

Why it’s bad: In this example, the medical condition is not specified, and the second sentence looks like an advertising slogan. The headline should describe the issue and not look like PR.

Example of a good headline: The use of lasers for varicose vein treatment
Why it’s good: The headline clearly states what the article will be about without any excessive promotion.

Lead paragraph/abstract

The introductory paragraph is used to summarize the content, basic issues and outline of an article. Like the article’s headline, the lead paragraph should also be eye-catching. It will be the deciding factor in whether or not the reader will continue on to the body of the article.

Body of the article

The recommended length of an article is between 2,000 and 10,000 characters (not words).  Direct speech, citations, subheadings, etc. are all recommended. Include anything that will make the structure of the article more catchy and animated.


In line with Google's recommendations, all external links will be made rel="nofollow".

Author’s name

Don’t forget: It’s crucial that you include the name of the author (physician, clinic, company) under which the article will be published.

Introductory photo

Photos and drawings are an important and catchy addition to an article. Include one to accompany the title or lead paragraph/abstract.

  • Square format is recommended (If not submitted in square format, this will be adjusted for you).
  • Minimum resolution: 200 x 200 pixels.  

Photographs within the text

Photos in the body of the article should have a minimum size of 200 pixels in width. The height is not important, however. The final size will be adjusted in order to suit the conditions and design of the Estheticon publication layout. If your photo corresponds to a certain area of the text, please remember to specify that location for us.

Publishing articles, press release, and videos

Articles are published in the News & Trends section, press releases in the Press Release section and videos in the Video section.

In order for the article to be published, it must fulfill the aforementioned criteria. If the article does not follow these conditions, the portal provider is entitled to return the article to be redone; alternatively, the provider reserves the right to edit the headline or lead paragraph.

Note: The publication of articles on the Estheticon website is a paid service. Doctors, clinics and suppliers who have a paid Estheticon profile have a specific number of articles they can publish during the validity of their subscription.

The publication of brand names, doctors’ or clinics’ names in the titles of either articles or videos will be permitted only in exceptional cases.

Articles can be submitted in a text file (.txt, .doc, .docx) or in the body of an email. We prefer not to receive submissions in .pdf format.

The selection of articles is decided exclusively by our portal administrator. These articles will come solely from doctors/clinics who possess the option in their profiles to publish articles.

Articles and videos as part of membership for doctors, clinics and suppliers

Publishing articles* and videos** on Estheticon is a paid service. Doctors, clinics and suppliers with paid Estheticon membership can publish a certain number of articles and videos included in their membership fee.

  • Premium doctor – 1 article and 1 video published without charge during a 12-month period
  • Premium clinic – 1 article and 1 video published without charge during a 12-month period
  • Premium supplier – 3 articles and 3 videos published without charge during a 12-month period

* Selected articles are also shown on the homepage, in the newsletter and FB page. The articles displayed are entirely at the discretion of the website.
** Restrictions on videos do not apply to videos filmed in cooperation with Estheticon.

Updated: 2018-02-27

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