Second opinion inquiry – the right to a second opinion

Author: Pavel Hilbert, CEO Estheticon

Trust is a critical component of the patient/doctor relationship. It is in the interest of patients and doctors alike that patients go for a consultation with more than one doctor. If a patient has consulted with more than one doctor, then he or she will be able to make a more informed and confident decision when making the final choice. Choosing a doctor with the right certifications and qualifications is the first prerequisite – although not the only one – to ensure a successful procedure.

Second opinion

Patients have the right to ask for a second opinion. A study by the Mayo Clinic showed that 88% of patients get a different or more precise diagnosis upon seeking a second opinion.

Medicine is not an exact science and no doctor can specialize in or provide every single procedure across the whole spectrum of plastic surgery and aesthetic dermatology.

Secondary inquiries

Patients can now send inquiries to doctors without premium accounts. We allow patients to send these inquiries to four more premium doctors with the right location and relevant specializations. How does this help you?

  1. Patients usually send inquiries to 2-3 doctors. ISAPS also recommends going for 2-3 consultations before choosing a doctor for a procedure.
  2. Making it possible to send inquiries to doctors with free accounts will increase the number of inquiries you receive, giving you more opportunities to convert new patients. We do not offer this service for inquiries sent to premium doctors. Your inquiries go only to you, unless the patient seeks out another doctor on their own initiative.
  3. More than 30% of inquiries are never answered.
  4. Approaching more than one doctor gives patients a greater chance of getting a response from a specialist and improves the quality of responses.

How to react to inquiries about the price of a procedure?

Clients do not have specialist knowledge of medicine. They do not understand the differences in quality of different types of implants or the types of hyaluronic acid, they do not know they should ask about how many similar procedures the doctor has performed in total or in the last year…

Estheticon discourages competing based on price and recommends that patients make their selections based on multiple criteria. Unfortunately, however, price is a factor patients all understand and many are looking for ways to cut corners.

If a patient asks you about price, make sure to give the price along with other relevant information to support the price and choice of your clinic: your highly skilled and experienced anesthesiologist, your post-op care, consultations with the operating doctor and not an assistant, how many similar operations you perform each year, etc.

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What goes without saying

Patients in the market for esthetic procedures are essentially buying a luxury good. All supporting services should reflect this fact.

The most important thing is to respond to patient inquiries as quickly as possible. Immediately, ideally, or at least the same day – within a few hours if possible. The sooner you answer, they sooner you can get the patient in for a consultation. Today’s technology means that we are all accustomed to instant communication. We expect a fast response and do not have the patience to wait. If you do not respond quickly enough, patients may turn elsewhere for answers.

Estheticon informs all patients that medical societies recommend making a responsible, informed decision when choosing an operator and undergoing a medical procedure.

Second opinion and unique inquiries

The list of inquiries is divided into unique and second opinion inquiries. Ordinary inquiries are unique and sent to you alone. Second opinion inquiries are sent to multiple doctors.

Published: 2017-07-11

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