Step-by-step Guide to Administering Inquiries

In order to improve our services, we have launched an easy-to-use system for administering patient inquiries. Responses to patient inquiries will now need to take place in your profile admin (or through the app).

We’ve put together a guide for you covering the procedures involved and benefits this change will bring:

1. You will receive an email notification of the new inquiry along with a link. Clicking the link will automatically log you in and show you a detailed view of the inquiry in your profile admin section. From there you can respond immediately.

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2. When you view the inquiry in your profile admin section, the system will mark the inquiry as read.

3. If the new inquiry remains unanswered for two business days, the system will send an email reminder to doctors with Premium profiles. Doctors with Basic profiles do not receive a reminder. The patient who sent the inquiry receives a message offering the opportunity to approach other Premium practices in the patient’s area. Inquiries created in this manner are clearly marked as secondary in the admin section.

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4. If a Premium doctor does not respond to our reminder and the system still registers it as unread, after three business days the potential patient receives a message offering the opportunity to approach other Premium doctors in the area. Inquiries created in this manner are also clearly marked as secondary in the admin section.

5. The doctor/clinic can dismiss a inquiry as irrelevant. This applies in cases where a patient sends the same message more than once (duplicates), the message is spam, or the doctor does not perform the procedure or cannot currently take the patient.

Dismissing inquiries (for any of these reasons) counts as handling the inquiry for the purposes of determining response rate. If the inquiry is dismissed due to lack of interest, the patient will get the opportunity to approach other Premium doctors in their area who offer the same procedure.

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6. After being sent to the patient, your response will be recorded in your patient inquiry archive on your profile and the patient will receive an email notification to read your response. If the patient responds, you will receive it the same way, with an email notification and a link to view the details in your profile admin section.

You will be able to refer back to the entire communication history for a particular inquiry in one spot if you need it later.

7. Some doctors prefer their own system for handling inquiries and communicating outside our website, so we also offer the option of forwarding inquiries in full to the email of the doctor or clinic. Reply to the email and the message will go directly to the patient.

We do this in the best interests of doctors and patients alike, so that we can be sure inquiries sent from our website reach their intended recipient.

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8. If you respond to a inquiry by telephone, you can record the details by clicking on “Add Telephone Response” next to the “Respond” button.

Telephone response also counts toward your total response rate, so please don’t forget to mark inquiries handled by telephone.

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9. If your practice is closed at the moment, for instance due to holidays or vacation, you can simply make a note of this in the “Opening Hours” box >>

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In that case the system automatically informs the patient that you are not available at the requested time and will respond to the patient’s question once you are back in the office. Notifications of unread inquiries also adapt to when your practice will re-open. 

10. Your assistants will also be able to administer patient inquiries without risking duplicate information. Each person you have authorized has access to the entire communication history under their own assistant account. This option makes it easier to handle patient inquiries and gives you better oversight over your assistants’ work. 

11. You can click on the button “Back to the list of inquiry” in the detailed inquiry view to see all your inquiries, with those still waiting to be read marked as NEW.

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12. You see the current status for each inquiry: sent by patient, read by doctor, answered by doctor, so we have also made it possible to filter inquiries by procedure and status. This will let you find unread and unresolved inquiries.

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13. As soon as you finish communicating with the potential patient, you can close the inquiry so it will no longer appear in the list of unresolved queries. If you would like to contact the patient again, just re-open the inquiriy.

14. You can continue to handle patient inquiries through our app as usual. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it for Android or iOS here >>

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15. Please don’t forget that patients appreciate answers as soon as possible. Don’t make them wait long before responding.

We found that more than one third of inquiries never get to the doctors to whom they were sent. These changes in administration are intended to eliminate this problem.

Now you have all patient inquiries in one spot, so they won’t get lost in your inbox. You won’t miss out on potential clients and they won’t miss out on answers to their questions.

Updated: 2018-03-13

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