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  95% worth it

 | Based on 1056 patient ratings

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Breast Augmentation in Limassol, Cyprus

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At Establishment Labs, we believe that the continuous evolution of implant technology is the key to achieving the best possible safety and aesthetic outcomes for our patients. With this in mind, we have created a revolutionary, 6th generation of advanced smooth implants with SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®: our biocompatible surface designed to minimize inflammation, bacteria, and biofilm formation.

As the most comprehensive silicone-filled, smooth implant portfolio on the market, the Motiva® line is an innovative set of implants, surgical tools, and techniques for breast and buttock augmentation and breast reconstruction, created by Establishment Labs (NASDAQ: ESTA) – a global, high-tech medical device manufacturer with a presence in "75+" countries. 

Its breast implants include Motiva® Round (for greater upper-pole fullness and a more youthful appearance); Ergonomix® Round and Oval (which are designed to adapt seamlessly to the body’s natural movements, holding a teardrop shape when upright and a round shape when laying down); and Anatomical TrueFixation® (the only anatomical implant with reinforced silicone tabs to minimize rotation).

Its gluteal/buttock implant, GlutealArmonic®, holds a harmonic shape and features orientation guide marks that simplify implant placement and are radiopaque to be visible on X-ray scans.

The most comprehensive smooth* portfolio
2019 11 27 1504
2019 11 27 1504 001

*ISO-14607:2018 _Non-active surgical implant_ _Mamary implants-_ _Particular requirements._ Product availability may differ by country, please check regulations for locally approved products.

In an industry where technological evolution has stagnated, Motiva Implants® are characterized by patented, first-of-its-kind features that maximize long-term safety and aesthetic outcomes. These features include:

  • Optional Q Inside® Safety Technology: a passive RFID microtransponder that allows for important implant information to be verified easily and non-invasively at any time
  • BluSeal®: a visual safety indicator that allows healthcare providers to inspect the implant’s shell integrity
  • TrueMonobloc®: a multilayer system that links all implant components (gel, shell, and patch) to create a unified, strong yet flexible structure that allows for easier insertion via smaller incisions
  • SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®: a smooth, uniform shell surface that is designed to minimize inflammation and maximize biocompatibility

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In maintaining patient centricity in both safety and long-term satisfaction in aesthetic results, the company has developed specialized tools and techniques that create value for both surgeons and patients by making the implantation procedure easier and safer with minimal scarring. Estethicon photos 6 1

These include branded surgical procedures such as the MotivaHybrid® surgery (which combines the use of smaller – and thus, safer – implants with autologous fat grafts from the patient to achieve natural-looking aesthetic symmetry) and the Motiva MinimalScar® (a set of tools and techniques that allow for minimal scarring by reducing required incisions to nearly 50% of their standard size).

In efforts to minimize any communication gaps between patients and surgeons, Establishment Labs has developed Divina®, an advanced 3D simulation system. Divina® allows partner surgeons to capture the patient’s body as a 3D data set with anatomical measurements and photo-realistic precision, so that possible post-operative results may be visually simulated for patient comprehension and discussion.

The company lists its partner surgeons and clinics on the MotivaImagine Center® Locator, a database that allows patients easier access to appropriately licensed surgeons who are experienced in using Motiva® products.

Establishment Labs backs its Motiva® products with warranty programs that are widely considered to be the most comprehensive on the market. The company provides financial support to further patient-centric research as well as continuing education to keep surgeons in touch with the latest tools and techniques on the market.

To learn more about Motiva® products, visit and read the company’s position statements on breast implant safety and the French ban on macrotextured implants (spoiler alert: such bans don’t impact advanced smooth Motiva Implants®).

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Stitching pain on the scar when lying down

Hello everybody :-) I am now exactly 7 days after surgery, maybe shortly before my key data: Starting position, small A, received 315cc Motiva Ergonomix UBM over the underbust crease. I have no more chest pain, apart from the occasional pulling. However, for 2-3 days, a very unpleasant sharp pain in the area of ​​the right scar, mainly when lying down. Unfortunately, slightly lifting the support bra does not help. The pain usually subsides slowly after about 15 minutes. But then notice that my chest feels numb than usual when sitting / standing. Have any of you already had problems like this? Should I be worried? Unfortunately I didn't find anything about it on the Internet. Maybe somebody can help me :-) Kind regards IY (Translated to English, original version below) Hallo zusammen :-) Ich bin nun genau 7 Tage Post OP, vielleicht kurz vor ab meine Eckdaten: Ausgangslage kleines A, habe 315cc Motiva Ergonomix UBM bekommen über die Unterbrustfalte. Ich habe bis auf hin und wieder ein Ziehen keine Schmerzen mehr in der Brust. Allerdings nun seit 2-3 Tagen hauptsächlich im Liegen einen sehr unangenehmen stechenden Schmerz im Bereich der rechten Narbe. Leichtes anheben des Stütz BHs hilft leider nicht. Nach ca. 15 Minuten liegen klingen die Schmerzen meist langsam ab. Merke dann aber dass meine Brust sich tauber anfühlt als sonst im sitzen/stehen. Hatte jemand von euch auch schon solche Probleme? Muss ich mir Sorgen machen? Habe im Internet darüber leider gar nichts gefunden. Vielleicht kann mir jemand weiterhelfen :-) Liebe Grüße IY More 
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There is a newly developed technic of insertion breast implants so there is a very short scar under the breast- something like 2.5 cm long, which must by nearly invisible.
The point is, that surgeon uses a special insertion sleeve (something like cakemakers use:) and pushes the implant inside. Aside minimal scar the technic is less demanding for body, reduces infection and capsulation. Surgeons use Motiva Ergonomix implant for this minimal scar method which is easy to squeeze into the sleeve. Ask your doctors for the minimal scar insertion, they should know more about it:)



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