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  95% worth it

 | Based on 879 patient ratings

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Lightweight Breast Implants 

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Quality you can feel: Breast implants made in Germany

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POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics is the only German manufacturer of silicone breast implants that has been successful on the market for more than 30 years. Today, we are the European leader in the development and manufacture of breast implants and we sell our products worldwide in more than 75 countries.
The safety of your body and your health is our top priority: All implants are manufactured exclusively in the production facilities at the company headquarters in Dieburg / Hessen according to the highest quality standards.


Breast implants have been belonging into the Class III of medical devices in Europe since 2003, making them one of the most closely monitored medical devices ever (such as cardiac pacemakers or heart valves). The production is subject to extremely strict quality and safety regulations. At POLYTECH, all processes - from product development through production, sterilization and quality control to approval management, packaging and storage - are controlled and monitored in Germany. Through decades of close collaboration between physicians and our research and development department, we are able to respond quickly and flexibly to changing demand for our products. And this means for you that you get from us products that meet the latest technology and  reflect your needs.

Each of our implants comes with an implant passport that documents the manufacturer, serial number and reference number of the implant and that will be given to you by your doctor after the surgery. Thanks to this passport, it is possible to make sure anytime which implant was used. In addition, with "Implants of Excellence", we offer a special program for breast implants that gaurantees free replacement of the breast implants  in the event of a material-related damage of the implant.

For your safety – we leave nothing to chance:

  • All breast implants are 100% manufactured in Germany according to extremely high quality standards.
  • Our implants are filled with a highly cohesive medical silicone gel that has been approved for long-term implantation for many decades.
  • The special nature of the silicone gel contributes to the fact that today the implanted breast is hardly distinguishable from a natural one.
  • Our implants are basically "leak-proof" due to the internal integrity of the silicone gel processed for the filling and a barrier layer in the shell.
  • We carry out so-called 100% checks. That means that during the manufacturing process, each implant is checked before and after each production step.
  • In addition, we carry out daily machine quality and load tests under extreme conditions that go far beyond the legal requirements.

2018 Polytech Range Fond blue HF Lo

Diversity you can feel: Our diversity for your individuality

We offer a wide range of breast implants for aesthetic breast augmentation or reconstruction (for example after breast cancer). Our goal is to underline your individual and natural body shape with our implants and to provide you with long-term stability of the form and maximum safety.

The variety of our breast implants results from the combination of different shapes, sizes and shell surfaces. Our implants come in a smooth version, in two textured versions and  with a special polyurethane foam coating. Since July 2018, the innovative lightweight  B∙Lite® implants have been part of the company's portfolio.

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SublimeLine® - Individual, down to the last detail 

With over 700 variants, the SublimeLine® offers a wide selection of breast implants. Together with your doctor, you can specifically choose the model that perfectly matches your individual ideas and physical characteristics.

4 basic forms of SublimeLine®:

  • Même® – The traditional round breast implant with circular support surface or base and a uniformly convex profile.
  • Replicon® – The classic among the anatomical shapes, they have a round base and a tear-drop profile with more volume in the lower half.
  • Opticon® – These implants are a variant of the anatomical shape. They have a shorter base surface and are particularly suitable for women with a lot of subcutaneous fat tissue in the neckline.
  • Optimam® – These implants are again based on the anatomical shape: they have an extended base, so that for patients with little subcutaneous fat tissue, an aesthetic, gradual transition from the chest can be achieved.

B-Lite® - The lightest breast implant in the world

The uniquely lightweight B-Lite® series represents a revolution in the world of breast implants and is considered as one of the most significant developments in the industry over the last 30 years. Up to 30 % lighter than traditional implants, they provide the same fullness and appearance as much heavier models. The significant weight reduction increases the comfort and relieves the connective tissue of the breast.

The filling makes the difference

  • The implants are filled with a high-quality and patented silicone gel which is cross-linked with so-called microspheres.
  • Microspheres are microscopic, hollow "beads" filled with inert air.
  • The balanced cross-linking of the microspheres with the medical silicone gel results in a weight reduction of up to 30 % by the same volume.

The Diagon/Gel® 4Two Serie – Natural and dimensionally stable

Breast implants of the Diagon\Gel® 4Two series provide a particularly natural look - made possible by the combination of two different gels: The back of the implant contains a softer gel (EasyFit Gel™), which ensures the optimized fit of the implant on the ribcage. In the front part there is a stronger gel (Shapar Gel™), which stabilises the projection and can work together - if applied - with the DualPlane technique like an inner bra, resulting in an aesthetically very natural result. Also the shape of the breast and the position of the nipple remain in the long term the same.
Unlike traditional breast implants, the models of the Diagon\Gel® 4Two series are only available with anatomical profiles.

Which implant is suitable for you depends on your personal starting position and your individual wishes. Our wide range of products enables your doctor to find the right solution for you.

See more information at: https://polytech-health-aesthetics.com/en/products/

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