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I love my lipo and rhinoplasty result from Dr. Matarasso

Registered user 2018-04-17
It's worth it     

Excellent doctor, a true doctor. I love my results and is staff is superb Highly recommend

Dr. Alan Matarasso is a plastic surgery rock star

judie 2018-03-26
It's worth it     

I have had the good fortune of being able to have two facelifts in my life. However, I have had the misfortune to have one of those be both a very terrible experience and result so I am too well equipped to compare. And was my experience with Dr. Alan Matarasso who performed my first surgery, who I would characterize as a surgical rock star, amazingly skilled. For me, he did a mid-facelift, necklift, and upper and lower bleph. And he rocks. In 2005 I had a phenomenal experience with Alan Matarasso, who, in my personal experience, was a magician with his skill, hands, technique. To a person who knew about my surgery, they were in awe of the work he performed. While ALL had said pre-surgery that I didn't even need to do it, actually that I shouldn't, after I’d healed they unanimously were amazed by the transformation. One male friend who had been vehemently opposed in particular told me, "I am so glad you didn't listen to me. You looked great before but wow, he did an amazing job." He still repeats that 18 years later about it because he was so incredulous at the result. Please note that I had done my homework for decades, always knowing full well that one day I would have my face done. In that light, I had read everything I could find in books by experts, magazines, patient experiences, consulted with surgeons, and consulted with recognized expert plastic surgery consultants in New York City, including David Hidalgo and Dan Baker, both renowned. There was never anything but accolades for Matarasso's work and I knew he was the one for me. My experience bore that out. I knew from research that Dr. Matarasso was a plastic surgeon extraordinaire who had been (still is) widely respected nationally for decades, known as one of the elite group of highly regarded surgeons on the Upper East Side who is as accessible to the everyday patient as he is to celebrities, is extensively published in magazines and medical journals, has chaired or been on the board of all the major plastic surgery related associations including AAPS and ASPS, is a manuscript reviewer for the AMA, has been selected by Castle & Connolly as one of the “Best Cosmetic Surgeons in America” since 1996. Pretty impressive credentials. I knew from my reading that he had been personally mentored by Brazil’s Ivo Pitanguy, known internationally as the “Father of Modern Plastic Surgery.” My own experience with him was extraordinary from beginning to end. From the outset he was honest, upfront, approachable, clearly knowledgeable, and seemingly genuinely interested. He never overpromised. As a matter of fact, while other doctors told me a lift would last me 10 years, he shook his head and said maybe but not likely; you can usually expect them to be good for about 7 to 8 years. His work ended up lasting me 9 to 10 years before I began noticing the initial onset of jowling. And my eyes lasted me, well, it's 18 years later and I'm just beginning to consider having them done again. He took as much time as was necessary to explain his considered and knowledgeable thoughts during my consult. And he did that with every patient who was in a consultation room while I was there — he took the time. He had a sense of humor and was easy and comfortable to be with, a plus. The moment after leaving my consult, I knew I would do it. I felt firmly confident, I had not one moment of hesitation, apprehension, or fear from that moment forward, which was unlike me. Actually at that point I couldn't wait to do it. On the morning of my surgery, I checked in to the Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital, from which some of the country’s best operate. Dr. Matarasso came in with his team, introduced me, was upbeat, put me at ease immediately, began marking up my face, and we said, "Let's do this." I had my surgery under general anesthesia. I woke up in recovery, elated. That is not an understatement either. I was moved to a room to 'recuperate.’ The truth is, I had not one moment's pain. Ever. Not one. Dr. Matarasso came in to see me, he checked everything, we had a nice visit, and reviewed that I would come see him the next morning. Over the next two weeks, as the very minimal bruising and swelling decreased, I was in awe and so very happy with my results, and that I had actually gone through with my lift. As my healing took shape, we could all see my face had been transformed from aging signs to spectacular. And that's the truth. My jawline was that of a woman at least 10 years younger (I was 49). I wasn't pulled taut, I looked natural, the result was subtle but amazing, and I was thrilled. I followed up with my appointments afterwards and never once did Dr. Matarasso treat me as though he had done the work, gotten paid, and was now dismissive. NEVER. I saw him over the years later a few times to check in about what he thought about another lift, and we chatted and laughed — he was always great. And he also always said nope, not time, judie, you don’t need another lift yet. Unfortunately, when the time came in 2016 that I wanted to do another one, Dr. Matarasso and I couldn't seem to connect (he is often called all over the country to speak and consult) and my financial situation had also changed so I thought I would be unable to afford him. Importantly, and please note, when I did finally go see him after my second terrible surgery, desperate and nearly in tears at what I had done, it turned out he would have been in a fully acceptable and affordable fee range. Believe me, I could still kick myself. I would go back to Dr. Matarasso, given the opportunity and having my funds from that second terrible surgery back, and I’d have him fix this in a second, no hesitation. I cannot extol Alan Matarasso’s talent, skill, knowledge, bedside manner, personality enough. More 

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