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Fractional Laser Resurfacing at Laserová dermatologická klinika ALTOS with Dr. Tujikov

Registered user 2021-03-30
It's worth it     

Great job by dr. Mikail Tujikov. Really see the difference. Recomended.

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“Very little is required for a contented look in the mirror, increased confidence, self satisfaction and harmony. No one has invented the elixir of youth, but modern medicine can work miracles.

Specialization and preferred practice areas

The ALTOS Laser and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic welcomed its first patients in early February. It specializes in dermatological problems, corrective dermatology, non-invasive liposuction, body shaping, skin rejuvenation, and botulinum toxin and filler applications.

Our clinic

The Clinic prides itself on the most advanced laser equipment from the Italian DEKA manufacturers. The team of Clinic experts has been trained by DEKA company’s top physicians in Florence. ALTOS Clinic is currently the only facility in the Czech Republic equipped with the latest model of the special high-tech vascular laser, called DEKA Synchro.
Our Clinic is equipped with the latest devices and specializes in Aesthetic Laser Dermatology. The years of experience and expertise of our team of doctors and qualified medical personnel guarantee services at the highest level – from the treatment of acne and pigmentation, removal of veins and neoplasms, correction of wrinkles and epilation, to plastic surgery and consultation in the area of nutrition,” commented Clinic owner, Zulfiya Yudintseva, at the opening of the facility. “We are here for you to highlight your natural beauty.”

More info

Rejuvenation without a scalpel

The innovative SmartXide2 DOT+RF laser system from DEKA company deploys unique technology using the effect of a CO2 laser and radio frequency
wave sources to remove all imperfections and changes connected with the aging process. SmartXide2 DOT+RF has an extraordinary impact on target tissues and intensively stimulates the formation of collagen. The advantages of this system are obvious. It is no longer necessary to use the transmission of individual pulses for all procedures, because a number of pulse modes have been developed for maximum efficiency, minimal
invasiveness and the best results.

Epilation and removal of pigment spots

The most powerful Alexandrite laser from DEKA company now aids in the battle against unwanted hair. It is the only laser in the world which has the immediate effect of “clean hair removal”. This type of laser is also effective in removing dark hairs from light skin. A modern built-in laser cooling system prevents the sensation of pain during the procedure and protects the skin from burns. For this reason, it can be stated that hair removal by this laser is completely painless. The Alexandrite laser is also used successfully in mole removal. Problems of vascular pathologies are solved with the maximum efficiency by the universal Neodymium laser which is part of the Synchro REPLAY platform. The newest laser system combines the latest and most efficient technology in one device: Alexandrite laser, Neodymium laser (Nd:YAG), IPL photoepilation, acne treatment and non-ablative skin rejuvenation.

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Surgeons & Offices

Dr. Irina Zvada (Yukhnovets)

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Info Prices from* Prices up to*
Acne Scars Treatment From CZK1,600
Acne Treatment From CZK800
Aplikace 100% čistého koňského kolagenu Biorev dle oblasti From CZK6,000
Biostimulační laser – gelová hydratační maska From CZK850
Botulinum toxin - Wrinkle Removal From CZK3,200
Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants
   Modelace prsou s augmentací vlastním tukem Autoaugmentace vlastním... From CZK110,000
Breast Implant Removal
Breast lift (Mastopexy) From CZK42,500 To CZK75,000
   Breast lift with implants From CZK35,000 To CZK62,000
Brow lift From CZK22,500
Cheek Lift From CZK7,600
Chemical peeling From CZK1,800
Dermabrasion From CZK1,300
Dermal fillers From CZK7,100
   Hyaluronic acid-based wrinkle fillers Teosyal® From CZK7,100
   Hyaluronidase From CZK1,200
   Radiesse (Calcium hydroxylapatit) From CZK10,500
   Revanesse® / ReDexis® From CZK8,100 To CZK9,400
   Teosyal® From CZK8,099
Dermarevitalizace (redermalizace) From CZK7,100
Digital Dermatoscope From CZK500
Ear surgery (Otoplasty) From CZK15,000
Entfernung eines Doppelkinns
   Chin Liposuction From CZK16,250
Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) From CZK23,750
   Eye Bags Treatment From CZK14,500
Facelift From CZK45,000
Fractional Laser Resurfacing price prom150€ From CZK11,800
Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)
Injection lipolysis From CZK2,950
Intense pulse light Treatment (IPL) From CZK2,250
   IPL Acne Treatment From CZK2,250
   Photoepilation (IPL) From CZK2,250
   Photorejuvenation (IPL) – Skin Rejuvenation From CZK2,250
Labiaplasty (Labia Reduction) From CZK22,500
Laser hair removal From CZK800
Laser procedures in aesthetic dermatology YAG laser From CZK19,000
   Biostimulation Laser Treatment From CZK800
   Fotorejuvenation From CZK2,250
   Laser acne treatment From CZK1,600
   Laser Scar Treatment From CZK1,200
   Laser skin tag removal From CZK1,400
   Spider veins laser removal (redness, birh marks) From CZK1,800
   Tattoo removal From CZK960
   Omlazení pokožky (Yag laser) From CZK3,150
Lip augmentation - cheiloplasty From CZK18,750
Liposuction From CZK16,250
Liposuction alternative – non-invasive fat and cellulite removal From CZK2,600
Male Circumcision From CZK22,500
Mesotherapy (face, neck revitalization) From CZK3,900
Microdermabrasion From CZK1,300
Microneedling (Dermaroller) From CZK3,900
Microneedling protifibrózní 1 oblast From CZK3,800
Mini Lift - Lifestyle Lift From CZK34,000
Mole removal From CZK1,600
   Lipoma Removal From CZK2,500
Neck lift From CZK30,000
Non Surgical Lift From CZK3,150
   Ultherapy From CZK9,000
Oxygen Mesotherapy From CZK1,600
PRP – Plasma therapy From CZK3,900
Radiofrequency Rejuvenation (Aluma, accent, TriPollar, Spa RF device, Re-Age) From CZK2,150
Regeneris – biostimulation of skin cells From CZK7,100
Retinolový peeling 1 oblast (obličej, dekolt,... From CZK2,600
RHA hydrogelová maska 20 minut From CZK600
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) From CZK22,500
Scar removal From CZK1,200
Stretch marks From CZK1,200
Thread lift From CZK19,800 To CZK35,000
   Feather face-lift APTOS From CZK19,800 To CZK35,000
   Facelift Silhouette Lift From CZK57,500
Treatment of cellulite From CZK2,150
Varicose veins treatment From CZK1,000
   Radiofrequency ablation - treatment for varicose veins From CZK25,000
   Sclerotization of varicose veins From CZK1,000

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Laser resurfacing

Contemporary aesthetic medicine is developing at the speed of light. Procedures are becoming simpler, but increasingly much...


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