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We wish to make your stay as comfortable as possible and we strive to meet your medical and non-medical demand.

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Artis-3 is currently one of the most modern, elegant and well-equipped private surgery clinics in Romania. A group of pecialists in plastic aesthetic surgery, orthopedics, pediatric surgery, gynecology, general surgery, oncologic surgery, neurosurgery, nutritional and metabolic diseases have joined efforts in order to provide our patients with the most modern treatments available in each of their fields, in a relaxed, pleasant and comfortable environment. Indeed, the clinic’s philosophy is to put the patients comfort at the first place and to ensure highest quality standards for all of our services.

The three partners, Dr. Ivan Ovidiu, Dr. Maior Cornelia and Dr. Onoe Radu, are all certified plastic surgeons and are permanently available to answer any questions regarding the services offered by the Artis 3 clinic.


Str. Republicii Nr. 82B
400 89 Cluj Napoca